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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

We had no choice but to ask the Eggman Empire for help. Ah did my best to organize and protect these people... We don't want to be part of this, sweetheart. We don't want to protect the refinery. But we ain't got a choice right now.

— Beauregard, Sonic the Hedgehog #217

Beauregard Rabbot, colloquially called The Baron, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. Beauregard is the uncle of Bunnie D'Coolette, as well as the Grandmaster of the Great Desert Dark Egg Legion. He was also the nemesis of the Sand-Blasters.

A sympathetic victim of roboticization during the First Robotnik War but eventually de-roboticized by the Bem, Beauregard and his robian comrades were treated as secondary-class men and eventually pushed to the Badlands by the citizens of Sand Blast City. However, to insure the protection of his people, Beauregard reluctantly joined the Eggman Empire, forming the Great Desert Dark Egg Legion, with the occupation of protecting the Oil Ocean Refinery.


Beauregard is a tall, skinny, yellow-furred mobian rabbit with blue eyes, a triangular black nose, two buck teeth, bushy eyebrows, a white muzzle with large, scruffy tufts of fur on his cheeks, and a completely legionized right arm. For attire, he wears a brown, Westernised jacket with yellow buttons and a zipper-like line running down the arm identical to the ones on Dr. Eggman's coat. He also has a white shirt, a red string tie, a brown cowboy hat, a black, fingerless glove on his organic left hand, and black pants with more zipper-likes running down the legs and connected boots with grey soles, nearly identical to Dr. Eggman’s pants. He also carries a gray, metal cane.


Before Grandmaster

Having originated from the Southern Baronies, a region that had tensions with the Kingdom of Acorn, Beauregard and Lulumae took in Bunnie Rabbot, their niece, after Bunnie's parents died in the duration of the Great War. This did not last long, however, as tensions between Beauregard and Bunnie promoted Bunnie to leave them after Beauregard told Bunnie that her parents were traitors and were working for the Overlanders.[1]

Beauregard was among the many of Mobians affected by roboticization in the duration of the First Robotnik War. Used as Robotnik's low-ranking military personnel, Beauregard was along with many Robians that were pitted against the Sand-Blasters and the citizens of Sand Blast City.[2] However, when the Bem had de-roboticized nearly every robian during the beginning of the Second Robotnik War, Beauregard found himself mysteriously returned back to normal. He and the de-roboticized mobians decided to settle in Sand Blast City, but the citizens of said city did not trust the former robians, and treated them with barely any dignity. Eventually, Beauregard and the former-robians were cast out to the Badlands. During this time, Beauregard found Matilda the Armadillo and he took the young armadillo in. In order to protect his group from any harm, namely the Sand Blast City citizens, Beauregard made an alliance with Dr. Eggman, making the rabbit the Grandmaster of the Great Desert Dark Egg Legion.[2]

However, as he and his fellow comrades were forcefully legionized after joining the Eggman Empire, they were forced to operate and defend the Oil Ocean Refinery for Eggman. Beauregard reluctantly accepted this occupation, only for the sake of keeping his people protected. This, of course, brought Beauregard and the Sand-Blasters back at odds once again, as both parties attempt to claim the refinery as their own.[2]

Family Reunion

In the year 3237, Bunnie and Sonic the Hedgehog had traveled to Sand Blast City after the Sand-Blasters signaled a distress call for help. However, Bunnie's cybernetic parts malfunctioned after heading near the dome-covered Sand Blast City, as her cybernetic parts were detected by a machine built by Avery the Bear that automatically disables machinery. Bunnie was presumed taken by Great Desert Dark Egg Legion forces, as Bunnie woke up and immediately attacked Dark Egg Legion forces. Beauregard, however, conformed Bunnie, replying that the legion are "her friends." Beauregard and Bunnie then had a conversation to get to know each other after all these years. Bunnie explains to her uncle that she was partially roboticized a couple of years back, and that she is a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. She also explains that she is married to Antoine D'Coolette. This causes a bit of tension between the two, since Beauregard has a strong hatred against the D'Coolette family, but Bunnie tells Beauregard not to start arguing now since they just got each other back. Beauregard accepts Bunnie as her own woman with her free will, and lectures Bunnie on how he and his people were roboticized, de-roboticized, kicked out of Sand Blast City, and joined the Eggman Empire. Beauregard explains to his niece that he only did it for his people, but Bunnie tells her uncle that she'll do what he needs her to do, as the two give each other a warm-hearted hug.[2]

The next day, Bunnie, Beauregard, and Great Desert Dark Egg Legion forces travelled to the Oil Ocean Refinery. Unbeknownst to them, the Sand-Blasters and temporary ally Sonic (who was reluctantly forced to help the Sand-Blasters in order to save Bunnie from Eggman forces) were also traveling to the refinery to take it as their own. Jack Rabbit, leader of the Sand-Blasters, was able to find Dark Egg Legion troops also heading to the refinery, in which Sonic took off to save Bunnie and leave the desert immediately. Sonic ambushed Bunnie and Beauregard and immediately punched Beauregard in the face, requesting for Bunnie. Bunnie, irritated that Sonic punched her uncle, threw Sonic to the refinery and a fight ushered between the two Freedom Fighters.[2]

Beauregard and Bunnie parting their separate ways, from Sonic the Hedgehog #218.

As Sonic and Bunnie were engaging a brawl at the refinery, Beauregard and his troops stopped to watch the fight. However, Sonic and Bunnie came to a consensus that if they enough damage to the refinery, the Sand-Blasters couldn't claim it as their own along with the Dark Egg Legion wouldn't be the blame, but rather Sonic would. As the Sand-Blasters realized the two Freedom Fighters were easily destroying the place, the Dark Egg Legion began to notice this as well. Beauregard then mentioned that he saw something like this coming considering "she's a Freedom Fighter and she married a D'Coolette." The Dark Egg Legion and the Sand-Blasters militia began to fight in the refinery. Sonic and Bunnie easily subdued Jolt the Roadrunner, Tex the Lizard, and Shift E. Wolf, but unbeknownst to the heroes, Avery and Jack were planning to shoot at the two heroes. However, Beauregard ambushed the two Sand-Blasters, easily tackling Avery and grabbing Jack's palm hatefully. Bunnie and Sonic came to Beauregard, where he lectured the two Freedom Fighters that the refinery is the only thing keeping his people in danger of execution, no matter if Eggman was using the refinery for something "bigger than anything he's ever flown." Bunnie and Sonic then elaborate that they were destroying the refinery to not only pin point the blame on Sonic rather than the Dark Egg Legion, but also to not let the Sand-Blasters have the refinery. Beauregard understands but tells Bunnie that she can't play both Freedom Fighter and Dark Egg Legion sides forever, to which Bunnie replies that she only did this because it was her first time seeing him in years, and that she didn't want it to end in another fight. Beauregard then tells Bunnie goodbye and the two sides left the refinery as it burns.[3]

Two Searches, Two Reunions

Beauregard and the rest of the Grandmasters transporting to the Death Egg, from Sonic Universe #37.

Sometime later, after Snively betrayed the Eggman Empire and gave false information about Dr. Eggman's demise and the destruction of the Death Egg Mark 2 to all the Grandmasters, Beauregard, gleefully, told Matilda the news about how "things are looking up to them". However, he was immediately transported to the seemingly-destroyed Death Egg Mark 2, where he and the rest of the Grandmasters were told by Eggman that Snively lied about his demise and that their objective is to not only capture Snively if they find him, but to find the missing blue Chaos Emerald Eggman used in Operation: Clean Sweep but lost after activating the World Roboticizer. With this, Hood and the rest of the Grandmasters were sent back to their respective jobs with these new tasks.[4]

Eventually, Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel had arrived at Sand Blast City under the codes names "Flex" and "Jitters," respectively. Instead of wanting to join the Sand-Blasters, they merely wanted to find Mighty's long-lost sister, that being Matilda. Later on the same day that the ChaotixVector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy Bee–"joined" the Sand-Blasters, Mighty then infiltrated the Great Desert Dark Egg Legion and wanted to get captured by the guards. Mighty and Beauregard then had a discussion about Mighty's presence there, as Beauregard commented that Mighty surrendered despite the fact that the armadillo bench presses tanks and destroys Dark Egg Legion forces when arriving at the Sand Blast City. Mighty then tells the Baron that all he requests is his little sister, Matilda. Having an epiphany, Beauregard tells the guards to find Matilda and bring her in the room. Thus, Matilda and Mighty hugged each other, as another family reunion happened in just a few month time-span. However, Matilda denied Mighty as her brother, as, due to her roboticization as a youth and her isolation from her parents as a baby, she no longer recalls if she has a brother. Matilda then goes back to bed, which leaves Mighty asking Beauregard if Matilda is happy here. The Baron tells Mighty yes, and reluctantly puts him in prison in order not to look suspicious to both the Sand-Blasters and Eggman himself. Beauregard then tells Mighty that he can sympathize him more than he knows and that he will put Mighty in a prisoner exchange tomorrow morning.[5]

The next morning, Beauregard, Mighty, Matilda, and the Great Desert Dark Egg Legion forces arrived at the rendezvous point where the Sand-Blasters, the Chaotix, and their prisoners would then meet them. Jack Rabbit, only wanting Mighty, had secretly set up a plan to snag Mighty via arming the citizens and Sand Blast City prisoners with fire arms to hopefully kill the Baron and his forces. Luckily, Beauregard told his troops to fire at the Sand-Blasters, disappointed with Jack's actions. As the Chaotix decided to blow their cover and rescue Mighty, the Sand-Blasters distracted Vector, Espio, and Charmy, while Ray was able to fly toward the tank where Mighty was located. Ray demanded Beauregard to release Mighty, but Matilda had stopped Ray. Ray had convinced Matilda that Mighty was her brother, but shortly before Jolt pushed Beauregard and Matilda aside to assassinate Mighty while he has a clear shot. However, Matilda punched Jolt far off. When the Sand-Blasters had shot a missile at the tank, which resulted in Matilda punching the missile to avoid the projectile hitting Mighty. With Matilda greatly injured, Mighty began to break out of the prison trap and chased down the Sand-Blasters, shortly before the Chaotix stopped him. Beauregard, during this, checked up on Matilda and took her to the hospital-tent.[6]

Later, Beauregard and some of his medical troops had took care of Matilda, patching her up. Mighty rushed in the tent where Beauregard fixed up Matilda, and the two armadillo's thank each other for saving their lives. Beauregard, however, elaborates to Mighty that Matilda will have to stay at the legion for a time to order for her to recover. But, Beauregard does mention that there can be secret visits here and there for Mighty to visit with Matilda. Mighty, reluctantly, accepts this, and the Chaotix leave the camp via Warp Ring. Beauregard cleans things up for the evening, as Matilda thanks the Baron for all his help, to which Beauregard empathized the pain of a broken family, as Bunnie appeared in the doorway of the tent.[6]


Sympathetic and caring to his Dark Egg Legion as if they were his family, Beauregard is a relaxed yet conclusive leader. He is thankful to those who work with him, side by side, as some of his comrades here among the roboticized troops forced to take over Sand Blast City. He deeply cares about his family, especially his niece, Bunnie, no matter the difference in their affiliations. He is proud of Bunnie for being a Freedom Fighter,[2] but, unfortunately, due to them being on different sides, they will eventually have to confront each other.[3] Beauregard acts a father to his Legion forces and can empathize for victims that have been separated by their own plights. According to his actions, he has a hatred or distastes on the Kingdom of Acorn,[1] as he has some grudge about the D'Coolette family.[2][3] According to Bunnie, Beauregard occasionally states that "The south shall rise again!", which proves his patronage to the Southern Baronies.[1]

Powers and abilities

Beauregard Rabbot is an inactive fighter in battle due to his age, but he has excellent leadership abilities, commanding his forces to invade the Oil Ocean Refinery,[3] as well as to fight the Sand-Blasters during a prisoner exchange.[6] Beauregard can also grab his foes with a strong grip, as seen when he subdues Jack during the Sand-Blasters raid on the refinery.[3] The Baron can also use his gray-colored cane to knock out opponents, much like he did to Avery.[3]


  • Beauregard's call for the South to rise again references a real-life motto of the southern United States of America, whose conflict with the northern States is paralleled by Beauregard and the Baronies' disputes with the Kingdom of Acorn, though with mostly different motivations.
  • Michael Gallagher technically created Beauregard, as he was mentioned in Sonic the Hedgehog #39 by Bunnie. Writer Ian Flynn, however, did bring this character to life eventually in Sonic the Hedgehog #217.


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