The Beat Monster,[2] also known as the Tailgator,[3] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is Vector the Crocodile's personal sports car that is styled after Vector's own appearance.


The default car features a front grill resembling crocodile fangs and a pair of large speakers on its rear,[4] has three red spikes on its back, and is decorated with gold, similar to Vector's own attire.

Like other cars in Team Sonic Racing, its appearance can be customized with different paint jobs, performance parts and decals. Its horn can also be changed.


In Team Sonic Racing, Vector makes his car racing debut with the Beat Monster as the leader of the newly formed Team Vector to join Dodon Pa's racing competition in order to win the large prize money.[5][6]


Team Sonic Racing - The Tailgator

An ad in Wisp Circuit, showing an earlier version of the Beat Monster.

  • Advertisements found on various tracks in Team Sonic Racing illustrate earlier concepts of the Beat Monster, with notable differences such as the car lacking its lower set of teeth, the spikes on the back of the car being white instead of red, the auto paint having different tones of green and is named "The Tailgator."
    • Tailgator is a wordplay on "tailgating", which commonly describes the behavior of driving dangerously close behind someone, not leaving them any space, and "alligator".
    • The advertisements also state that the Beat Monster is "from Donpa Motors".


Concept artwork



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