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Beans, also called the bean folk,[1] are creatures that appear in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. It is a species of anthropomorphic beans that live in Beanville on Mobius. When these folk were targeted for roboticization by Dr. Robotnik, Has Bean, a former inhabitant of Beanville, set out to rescue his companions from their terrible fate.


The Beans are residents of the town of Beanville, including the former inhabitant Has Bean.[2] At one point, Dr. Robotnik plotted to kidnap the citizens of Beanville and transform them into devious robot slaves using his "Mean Bean-Steaming Machine". As such, he sent out his henchbots to round up all the unfortunate bean folk and group them together in dark dungeons so they could be sent to the Mean Bean-Steaming Machine.[1] However, Has Bean, who had been turned into a robot prior to this, managed to defeat Robotnik's henchbots and eventually Robotnik himself, resulting in the destruction of the Mean Bean-Steaming Machine and the freedom of the bean folk.

List of beans

Regular Bean

Red Bean16-bit Red-Bean-8-bit
PurpleBean16-bit Pink-Bean-8-bit
GreenBean16-bit Green-Bean-8-bit
YellowBean16-bit Yellow-Bean-8-bit
BlueBean16-bit Blue-Bean-8-bit

Regular Beans come in five different colors: red, purple (pink in the 8-bit version), green, blue and yellow. In gameplay, they periodically drop down on the player's board in the form of pairs. If one such Bean block lands on a Bean formation so one Bean protrudes over an edge, said Bean will split off and continue its descend. When grouping four or more Beans of the same color together, it will grant the player points and cause said Beans to disappear.

Refugee Bean


Refugee Beans[3] are transparent variants of the regular Beans that drop down on a contestant's board when chain reactions from disappearing Beans occur on the opposing contestant's board. The amount of Refugee Beans dumped depends on the length of the combo that created them. They cannot be connected like normal Beans and can only be eliminated by having them touch a cluster of disappearing colored Beans. They are not present in Exercise Mode.

Big Bean

Main article: Big Bean

In the Exercise Mode of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Big Bean appears after the player has performed well in a game and is about to lose. Big Bean falls straight to the bottom of the board, erasing whichever two columns of Beans that are in its way.


  • Beans in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine are exports of the group of eponymous creatures called Puyo from the Puyo Puyo games. All five regular Beans retain their original color schemes as Puyos, while the transparent Refugee Beans are based on the Nuisance Puyo.
  • Due the different artistic licenses, the appearance of the Beans varies in numerous depictions. In gameplay and manuals, Beans look exactly like the Puyo from the Puyo Puyo games (resembling blobs with wide eyes). Cutscenes and box artwork, however, depict them as literal beans with or without clothing. Beans like these also either have regular black eyes or button-like eyes, as show during the ending on the 8-bit version of the game.


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