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The Beam Swing is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. It is a simple pink beam that Amy Rose can use to swing on and jump.


The Beam Swing is basically a pink beam which varies in appearance: in some cases, it looks like a thin round pole. In others, it is more rectangular in shape. It is either sticking out as a lone pole from a wall or a scaffold. What makes it distinguishable from the Balance Beam is that it is much thinner and always perpendicular to Amy when she looks forward on the paths. In rare cases though, they are completely identical to Balance Beams in appearance.



Amy using a Beam Swing.

The Beam Swing serves as a way for the player to traverse the areas using Amy's specific character abilities. When Amy touches a Beam Swing, she will hook onto it with the edge of her hammer's head and swing around it until she dismounts, which will send her flying forward and upward through the air, releasing her hammer and grabbing it again on the way down. In gameplay, this allows the player to make significantly long jumps and cross gaps that would be too wide to cross otherwise.

To use a Beam Swing in gameplay, the player just has to touch it with Amy to make her start swinging. Then, to make her dismount, the player has to press DSB. However, if the player dismounts at the wrong time (which depends on the player's intentions), Amy will be launched in the wrong direction.

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