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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Bea the Bee[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a Bee Bot unit that was adopted by Amy Rose as a pet.[2]

Concept and creations

Bea's robot model (the Bee Bot) was chosen out of Eggman's minions because Bee Bot had a tighter alliteration.[3]


Bea before her repainting.

Bea is an average-sized Bee Bot, a robot that resembles a mechanical bee. She has a grey thorax with a cyan-glowing engine attached on each side by a short wing, a black-striped abdomen, a red stinger with a cyan tip, and two sets of transparent pink wings on her back. She also has a grey, rhombus-shaped head with a serrated mouth, two antennas and cyan eyes with slit-like pupils. Originally, her abdomen had yellow stripes, but those would be painted magenta to differentiate her from other Bee Bots.


Tv series

Season two

Bea undergoing repairs.

Bea was originally a Bee Bot who got hurt from facing Team Sonic while trying to help Eggman steal the Fregosi Sapphire. Taking pity on her, Amy had Tails repair her. In addition, Tails also gave her a personality chip. Naming her "Bea" (as in Beatrice), Amy nursed Bea back to health and trained her to be her pet. Amy later hid Bea in Gogoba Village so Eggman could not take her back after he saw them, but Bea left when Eggman recalled her remotely. Bea then joined some Bee Bots identical to her (which kept Team Sonic from hurting them), who aided Eggman with a his latest scheme and kept Team Sonic at bay. Thanks to Bea's training though, Amy soon managed to single her out, only for Mega Bot to shoot Bea down at the scene. She was later fixed and repainted by Tails, who gave her a Fregosi Sapphire shard as a battery, and returned to Amy.[2]


Bea is only capable of speaking in incoherent buzzing.[2] Originally, she was just like any other Bee Bot: ruthless in battle, single-minded and unquestioningly dedicated to her leader's orders. While devoid of a personality, she did possess a degree of free will and emotional capabilities, allowing her to make her own choices and express herself.[4][5] Regardless of this, she was weak-willed and depended on Eggman to avoid being sent to the scrapheap, meaning she could not act independently for long before coming groveling back to the doctor.[5]

Like an actual bee, Bea possessed a hive mind-based intelligence through an interconnected Bee Network.[6] Also, as per her programming, she would also only obey orders after being threatened.[7]

Bea getting a treat from Amy.

After getting a personality chip, Bea steadily rose above her programming and gained a more emotion-based personality detached from her hive mind. Under Amy's care, Bea became quite docile and accommodating, even in the presence of former enemies. Eventually, she grew into a very affectionate, playful and loyal pet-like being. Early on however, she was still prone to respond aggressively. After some training though, Bea became more calm and obedient, although she proved to be a slow learner.[2]

Despite her new-found independency, Bea is still a slave to Eggman's programming. As a result, she will follow it obediently without care for the consequences in case it overrides her system.[2]

Like a dog, Bea will wag her stinger when happy, make puppy faces in hopes of getting treats, and get positively motivated by the promise of a reward.[2]

Powers and abilities

Bea possesses the same abilities as other Bee Bots, except that she is a bit stronger than the average unit due to having a Fregosi Sapphire shard as her power source.[2] She is, as such, capable of high-speed flight, almost matching that of Sonic's running speed,[8] and is quite nimble and agile. Combined with her size, this make Bea hard to hit.[9] For armaments, she possesses a stinger than can fire energy beams or small devices and tools with pinpoint precision, like Honeycomb Cage units or nails.[2][8]

Bea possesses a couple of additional abilities. She has a laser targeting system on her forehead and she is capable of projecting talking holograms.[10][11] She can as well detonate herself, although that ability will destroy her.[2] As an Eggman robot, she is also able to receive power remotely from Eggman's lair.[12]

Thanks to the Bee Bots' interconnected Bee Network, Bea possessed a hive mind-based intelligence, allowing her to share a collective consciousness between multiple bodies and communicate with each Bee Bot telepathically.[6] She seemingly lost her connection to the Bee Network after receiving her personality chip however.


Though speedy and agile, Bea is a quite fragile robot, as a single hit is enough to destroy her. After getting a Fregosi Sapphire shard as a power source however, her durability has increased.[2]

Being an Eggman robot, Bea originally relied on Eggman's lair to provide her with power. As such, should the lair run out of power, then she would too.[12] This dependency was eliminated after Tails gave her a rechargeable battery[13] (which later got switched out with a Fregosi Sapphire shard). Also, despite having defected from Dr. Eggman, Bea is still susceptible to the doctor's override codes which can bring her under Eggman's control again.[2]



Amy Rose

Bea and Amy hanging out.

Amy Rose is Bea's current owner and the one responsible for her new existence. After Amy rescued Bea from the battlefield where she was left for scrap and let her have a personality chip, Bea accepted Amy's attempt to nurse her back to health. Afterwards, the two of them became very close and did all sorts of activities together. While Bea was raised and trained by Amy, Bea became very fond of Amy and followed her everywhere. Even after Dr. Eggman took control of her systems, Bea's connection to Amy proved strong enough for her to react to Amy's commands. Also, after Bea woke up following her second destruction, the first thing she did was caressing Amy.[2]

Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman was Bea's original owner and was built to serve him. At first, she was blindly loyal to Eggman and his orders. After being given a personality and developing a bond with Amy however, Bea left Eggman behind in favor of Amy. When they finally reunited, Bea took a complete disinterest in Eggman and even showed fear at his attempt to make her return to him by force.[2]




  • Bea was first revealed in a sneak peek for the second season of the Sonic Boom television series in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.
  • Bea can ingest materials like nuts and oil.[2]
  • As stated by Amy, Bea's name is derived from "Beatrice".


Concept artwork




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