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The Battleship,[1] also known as the Rescue Shuttle[2] or the Restoration Shuttle,[3] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a type of warship used by the Resistance and Restoration.



The Battleship is a large blue and gray space shuttle-like aircraft with several details. It has a bright gray top half and a dark gray underbelly, and a narrow windshield spanning the entire front of the ship. On top of it are two gray and blue single-barreled gun turrets, and below the windshield on the front is a blue outstretched fin. Also, around the rear are two vertical stabilizers and a single thin horizontal stabilizer. Lastly, it has two rectangular-shaped thrusters on the rear.

Abilities and features

Being an airship, the Battleship is capable of flight.[1]


Battle For Angel Island

The Battleship was first seen being used by the Resistance and its allies to reach Angel Island. When the Battleship approached Angel Island however, the Egg Fleet, which had occupied the island, began shooting at it, forcing the Battleship down. By the time the Battleship crashed on Angel Island however, everyone onboard had evacuated it.[1]

Crisis City

A Battleship was eventually sent to Seaside City by Amy as a Rescue Shuttle to help with the evacuation of citizens after the city was attacked with the Metal Virus by Dr. Eggman in his Faceship. After its arrival, the shuttle helped a handful of uninfected citizens escape, including Vector the Crocodile and Espio the Chameleon.[2] Another Rescue Shuttle was later sent down to Floral Forest Village to evacuate the uninfected villagers of the Metal Virus, which included Cream the Rabbit and Vanilla the Rabbit.[4]

The Last Minute

When Restoration HQ was the subject for a Zombot outbreak, Amy called for the Restoration pilots to quickly go to the launch bay and prepare for an immediate take-off. However, only one pilot was able to make it out of the HQ uninfected. Not many refugees made it out of the HQ uninfected either but several of them still boarded the one ship. After it took off, the Rescue Shuttle went to Central City to rescue the uninfected citizens there. The ship landed at Central City Bay, which prompted Tangle and Whisper to guide the city's survivors into the ship. After Tangle, Whisper and Tails boarded the Rescue Shuttle, the ship took off once again.[5][6]

The Rescue Shuttle was soon flown to Spiral Hill Village after a Zombot outbreak there. Amy and Gemerl created a choke point a choke point at the ship to prevent any Zombots from approaching. After several uninfected citizens were rescued, the shuttle took off once again.[7]

All or Nothing

Silver went to Ice Paradise with a Rescue Shuttle in hopes to save the citizens there after a Zombot outbreak occurred. Unfortunately, the ship went down to the Zombots and Silver was unable to save anyone. Meanwhile, the final Rescue Shuttle traveled to Angel Island as a final safe haven. Later, on the ship, the group received word from Rouge about the Deadly Six's plans. After the group had come up with a plan to take on the Deadly Six, Amy checked in with Rouge in the Rescue Shuttle, with the bat informing her that Zavok was asking a lot of questions, trying to figure out where Eggman fled to; she stated that if they were going to make a move, they should do it soon.[3][8]



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