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Battle of the Buns

Dave participating in the Battle of the Buns.

The Battle of the Buns is an event that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It was a conflict between Chez Amy and Meh Burger in Hedgehog Village that lasted at least three days, where the restaurants competed against each other for customers.


TV series

Season one

Chez Amy

Chez Amy on its opening day,

Dissatisfied with Meh Burger's sloppy service, Amy opened a restaurant named Chez Amy for the villagers that promised good service and a pleasant atmosphere, with her team serving as the staff. On its first day, Chez Amy quickly won over Meh Burger's customers, which began the Battle of the Buns. As Dave the Intern reclaimed Meh Burger's customers with a drive-through express gimmick, Amy got them back with her own "magic fun lump" gimmick. From there, their rivalry only escalated. On day two, the restaurants' conflict had reached the local media.[1]

Customer movements

Customers moving between Chez Amy and Meh Burger.

As the battle reached the point where Dave got the customers back to Meh Burger with a high-speed Meh Burger delivery system, Amy had forgotten her ideals and was only interested in beating Dave. Displeased with what Amy had become, Amy's team quit, leaving Chez Amy devoid of customers. However, when Dr. Eggman, who shared Amy's dislike of Dave's service, joined Chez Amy with his service robots as the new staff, Chez Amy won the Battle of the Buns when Eggman blew up Meh Burger. The victory was short-lived however, as Eggman destroyed Chez Amy shortly after Amy hired Dave, who provoked Eggman too much.[1]


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