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"Battle of the Boy Bands" is the thirty-ninth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 15 August 2015 in the United States and on 29 August 2015 in France.


To prove Amy and Sticks are being brainwashed by their pop icon heartthrob, the guys go undercover by forming their own boy band.






At the beginning of the episode, some townspeople in the Village Center are watching a news report from Soar the Eagle saying that a pop star named Justin Beaver is gaining popularity. Amy Rose shows up and says that she listened to one of his songs and it felt like he was talking to her. She plays that song to the rest of Team Sonic, but everyone except for Sticks does not like it. Sticks decorates her burrow with Justin's merchandise, and then Amy tells her that Justin is in town signing stuff at the music store and he is performing tonight. The girls freak out and head to the music store, and Sonic thinks something is fishy.

There is a big crowd at the music store, all ladies wanting to see and hear Justin. When the boys show up to investigate, they are waved off by Salty, saying that only musical personnel are allowed. Sonic then has an idea to form a boy band along with Tails and Knuckles. The trio quickly choreograph a dance routine, and then they have to choose a name. Knuckles suggests "Dude-itude", but Sonic says that sounds too cool. Tails then comes up with "Dreamboat Express", and that name gets selected. The newly-formed Dreamboat Express walk back to the music store, and they tell Salty that they are Justin's opening act. The band then overhears Justin's producer, Dixon, talking with Wild Cat about Justin using his songs to control the ladies' minds. This is the clincher, and after chasing Dixon, they head to Tails' Workshop. While there, Tails creates a device called the Measure-o-meter that can determine the music's frequency. With this device, the band is ready.

Later that night, the concert is getting ready to start, and Dreamboat Express takes the stage just before Justin is about to perform. Sonic challenges Justin to a sing-off. Both sides do very well, and Amy and Sticks comment on this new band. After the sing-off, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles become a rock band, calling themselves Knuckles' original suggestion of "Dude-itude". Sonic is on guitar, Tails is on bass, while Knuckles is the drummer. During their song, Sonic does a guitar solo that knocks Justin down and nullifies the mind control. The audience then forget where they are, and Justin's merchandise is thrown away. Justin then decides to quit music and start a reality TV show, much to Dixon's disappointment. Dude-itude continues to perform while the crowd cheers them on.


  • When the camera focuses on Sticks leaving the shop at the beginning of the episode, a blue sky is seen in the background between the buildings. However, as the camera shifts to Sonic and Knuckles, the background is replaced with mountains.
  • The ones who removed the cover for Dreamboat Express when they spied on Dixon are actually two identical Fennec Garbage Men.


According to Alan Denton, the staff listened to lots of Justin Bieber music while writing this episode.[2]

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Finnish Poikabändien taistelu Battle of the boy bands
French La guerre des boys band War of the Boy Bands
Hungarian Fiúbandák csatája Battle of the boy bands
Italian Mucho Macho
Polish Bitwa boysbandów Battle of boy bands
Russian Музыкальная битва Musical battle


  • Justin Beaver is a parody of Justin Bieber.
  • This is the first time in the franchise since Sonic Underground to have Sonic sing as well as the first time in the franchise overall to have Tails and Knuckles sing.
  • During the scenes with large female audiences, several recolored duplicates of series' recurring characters are see among the crowd. This is most likely due to Sonic Boom's limited budget concerning character creations. As such, multiple copies of one character can be spotted in one scene, while others seemingly appear in an entirely different place after being spotted in another.
  • A soundalike of the The Benny Hill Show 's theme "Yakety Sax" plays during the chase scene between Dixon and Dreamboat Express.
  • This is the first time Perci and Salty, both whom debuted in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, appear in the television series.
  • This is the first episode in the Sonic Boom television series to not have Eggman make a physical appearance.
  • This is the second time in the Sonic Boom television series where Amy and Sticks fan girl over someone. The first time was in "Blue With Envy".
  • The song that Dude-itude plays in order to free the audience from their mind control is based to "Give It Away" and "Can't Stop", both of which are by the Red Hot Chili-Peppers. This was confirmed by Alan Denton.[3]
  • Like his counterpart in Sonic Underground, Sonic plays with a three-necked guitar in this episode.
  • Some of the images in the music shop show pictures from previous and future episodes:
  • When Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles enter Sticks's burrow a soundalike of Psycho's theme is played when they look around that it is decorated with Justin Beaver merchandise.


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