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Battle Mode refers to the bonus mode in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is the multiplayer versus mode of the game where two players can compete against each other in seven different competitions.


Battle Mode can be played by selecting "2P Game" in the main menu. As the name sake implies, only two players can play and compete against one another in a battle royale between the two Shadows. The objective is for one player to defeat the other player in order to win by attacking them without Rings.

Playable characters

In the character select, the players can choose from up to six playable Shadow Androids to play as. One resembles Shadow the Hedgehog while the others are recolors or metallic variants of Shadow with built in weapons. The metallic Shadow Androids have infinite ammo with their built-in weapons but are unable to drop their weapon or pick up other weapons off the field.

Shadow Androids

Shadow (2P (Original)).png Appears and plays just like Shadow the Hedgehog. He can use any weapon available on the stage.
Shadow (2P (Fake 1)).png Almost looks like Shadow the Hedgehog other than yellow body markings and Air Shoes. Other than that, plays exactly like Shadow the Hedgehog.
Shadow (2P (Fake 2)).png Metallic body with pink body patterns, this Shadow Android has a built-in Gatling Gun on its arm.
Shadow (2P (Fake 3)).png Metallic body with blue body patterns, this Shadow Android has a built-in Semi-Auto Rifle on its arm.
Shadow (2P (Fake 4)).png Metallic body with orange body patterns, this Shadow Android has a built-in Grenade Launcher on its arm.
Shadow (2P (Fake 5)).png Metallic body with green body patterns, this Shadow Android has a built-in bazooka on its arm.


There are three stages to choose from to compete on. The player can select to either play one or all stages. Stages are based on contained segments from existing stages from 1P Game and will have crates and minor enemies to obtain weapons from.

GUN Fortress

Main article: GUN Fortress

Taking place in the center room of GUN Fortress on the elevated center. On the side of the room, there are Pulleys that allow the player to reach the upper platforms.

Air Fleet

Main article: Air Fleet

Consists of a military controlled bridge over an electrified pit. Both sides of the roads curve downwards to the underground military parking lot below the stage where GUN Vehicles and Jump Vehicles can be found.

Similar to GUN Fortress, there are Pulleys that lead to a top way over the main bridge.

Lava Shelter

Main article: Lava Shelter

Located in a large volcanic cavern, three platforms connect to a larger platform at the center, with walkways and rails to grind on. The lava will occasionally rise forcing the players to seek the platforms. Air Saucers can be found which will allow players to safely move over the lava and explore the further regions of the stage.

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