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The character select screen of Battle Mode.

Up to four players can play together here. New rules and characters can be in Adventure mode.

— Description, Sonic and the Black Knight

Battle Mode is one of the playable modes in Sonic and the Black Knight. It is the multiplayer mode of the game where up to four players can compete against each other in seven different competitions.


Battle Mode can be accessed at any point in the game. In this mode, up to four players can compete against each other under one of seven different competitions referred to as "rules." However, only the two first rules are available from the start of the game, while the rest is unlocked by making progress in Adventure Mode. When starting Battle Mode, Player 1 must select the rule and confirm the selection to proceed to the character selection.

Character and Stage Select

In character select, the players can choose from up to twelve playable characters to use for the competition. At the beginning of the game however, only the playable characters in Adventure Mode are available to the players, whereas the rest must be unlocked by completing certain requirements in Adventure Mode with the correct score. The characters in the selection include:

Once the character is selected, the player can adjust the values of their carried Rings, as well as the number of lives and charge of the level of the Soul Gauge before the battle. Except for Sonic, Shadow and Sir Lancelot, all the character can use their Soul Surges twice in the battle on a full Soul Gauge.

When all of the players have set up their own character, Player 1 must press WiiDSA.png to proceed to the stage selection and decide where the battle will take place. The stages available are the same as those unlocked in Adventure Mode.

Game Screen

The game screen in Battle Mode.

On the screen during Battle Mode there are a number of different variables listed in the upper half for each player, which is separated into their corresponding box:

  • Player Number: Assigned number for each player.
  • Number of Lives: Pink heart icons that represents the player's remaining lives.
  • Number of Rings: The number of Rings in the player's possession. Taking hit with zero Rings will lose one life or eliminate the player from the competition.
  • Soul Gauge: A small gauge. Measures the amount of energy available to perform a Soul Surge.
  • Remaining Time: Placed in the middle of the upper edge. Shows the remaining time for the battle.

Play Tips

Battles are played in a slightly top-down 2D view, but the basic controls remain consistent with Adventure Mode. A maximum of ten Rings will drop on the playing field per hit, which can be taken by other players increase their totals. Unlike Adventure Mode, the players' Soul Gauge will not be recharged by attacking foes during the battles.

List of rules


Defeat the Most opponents!

For this rule, the objective is to fight and eliminate the opposing players. Every defeat of any of the players will be calculated and the one to defeat the most opponents wins the competition. The competition has a time limit on sixty seconds. If no one wins, the result is a draw. It should be noted that the player cannot choose the lives of his character in his mode.

Survival Battle

Last man standing!

For this rule, the focus is on survival. The players are pitted against and have to eliminate each other. The last player standing before the time limit runs out will be the winner. If the time runs before a winner is decided, the one with the least defeat is declared winner. If no one wins, the result is a draw.

Ring Battle

Collect the most rings!

For this rule, the players has to collect Rings from other players or Ring Containers that occasionally drops in. The player with the most Rings at the end of the battle is the winner. The player can also end this battle by deducing the opponents' lives and Rings. If no one wins, the result is a draw.

Goblet Battle

Defend the Goblet!

For this rule, the players have to get a hold of the goblet that float around the arena before the other opponents. The player who holds onto the goblet for a certain amount of time is the winner. When getting the goblet however, the player's Soul Gauge1 will be locked. The other players can also take the goblet from the opponents by damaging them.

Evasion Battle

Game of tag!

For this rule, the objective is to avoid the Grim Reaper who floats around the arena until the time limit runs out. Standard attacks will not work on it, and only by attacking other players can it make the Grim Reaper switch target to another opponent. Touching the Grim Reaper will make the player lose Rings rapidly which make it really dangerous.

Trap Battle

Arena filled with traps!

For this rule, the area is filled with Breakable Blocks that separates the players. The objective is thus to detonate the blocks to eliminate the opponents while avoiding getting caught in the explosions of the opponents' traps. The winner is decided by the number of opponents the player has eliminated within the time limit. If it is a draw, the player with the most remaining Rings wins.

Battle Phantoms

Defeat the most Soldier-ones!

For this rule, Soldier-Ones will appear around the arena. The objective is to destroy as many of the incoming Solider-Ones as possible and the one who has destroyed the most within the time limit is declared the winner. During this competition, the players cannot eliminate each other. Also, a Ring Container will appear after each set of Soldier-Ones is defeated which will damage the players should it land on them.

Sudden Death

Fight with no Rings and no returning if defeated!

For this rule, the objective is very much the same as in "Battle." However, the players must fight without wielding Rings and are incapable of using Soul Surges. Additionally, the player only have sixty seconds to determine a winner, or the result will be a tie.

Battle Giants

Work together to defeat the Giant-ones!

For this rule, the players will have to cooperatively defeat a Giant-One within the time limit. If the Giant-One grabs a player, his/her Rings will be transferred to the other player until the free player frees his teammate by attacking the Giant-One.

Battle 100

Be the first to defeat 100 Soldier-Ones!

For this rule, the players can customize all their lives, Rings and Soul Surges. The objective of this rule is to destroy 100 Soldier-One in 120 seconds before the other players do. If the players' lives are depleted, they will not return to resume the rule.


This rule randomly chooses one of the other rules mentioned above when selected.


  • Some of the soundtracks in Battle Mode are reused from previous games.
  • The colored trail that the Homing Dash leaves after being performed, is absent in the Battle Mode.


"Ok, Leave it to me!"
—Sonic when selected
"Sure! I am for a little stroll!"
—Sonic when selected
"Alright! Let's do this then!"
—Sonic when selected
"No way I am losing!"
—Sonic when selected
"You can count on me!"
—Sonic when selected
"Put your faith in me!"
—Sir Lancelot when selected
"I accept the challenge!"
—Sir Lancelot when selected
"I'll show you where you stand!"
—Sir Lancelot when selected
"Leave everything to me!"
—Sir Gawain when selected
—Sir Gawain when selected
"I'll show you the knight's valor!"
—Sir Gawain when selected
"As you wish!"
—Sir Percival when selected
"I'll not be defeated!"
—Sir Percival when selected
"A most worthy choice!"
—Sir Percival when selected
—The Blacksmith when selected
"I won't lose!"
—The Blacksmith when selected
"Let me handle it!"
—The Blacksmith when selected
"I'll give it my best shot!"
—The Blacksmith when selected
—Amy when selected
"Leave it to me!"
—Amy when selected
"I'll never give up!"
—Amy when selected
"I'll try my hardest!"
—Amy when selected
"I can take care of myself!"
—Amy when selected
"Hmph! I think it is time for a little fun!"
—Sir Lamorak when selected
—Sir Galahad when selected
"I shall vanquish all in my path!"
—Shadow when selected
"Behold, the ultimate in speed!"
—Shadow when selected
"Very well!"
—Blaze when selected
"A fine weapon!"
—Blaze when selected
"Very well!"
—King Arthur when selected
"Must I even join this?"
—King Arthur when selected
"I accept!"
—King Arthur when selected
"I'll show you my true power!"
—King Arthur when selected
"Those who bring their swords to bear against me will regret it."
—King Arthur when selected



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