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This event exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Battle Bird Armada Invasion

The Freedom Fighters heading towards the Battle Bird Armada Fortress.

The Battle Bird Armada Invasion was an attack that occurred in New Mobotropolis on the planet Mobius in the year 3237 in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. Taking place directly right after the beginning of the Ixis Resurgence and during the post-Operation: Clean Sweep events, the Battle Bird Armada with the assistance of the Babylon Rogues invaded New Mobotropolis to reclaim Babylon Garden underneath the city. The whole saga took place in the Sonic Universe arc, Babylon Rising.



Speedy reunion

Speedy and the Battle Bird Armada cornering the Babylon Rogues.

Sometime after the events of their previous defeat by Miles "Tails" Prower, Dr. Fukurokov notices a detection from their technology-monitor and he begins to tell Grand Battle Kukku XV about his detection. They realize that the ancient Babylon Garden key has been found. Meanwhile, the Babylon RoguesJet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow, and Storm the Albatross–reached the Gigan Mountains and claim the Key to Babylon Garden. But, a hologram of the Angelus distracted them to escape the mountains. Jet was able to both destroy the hologram and grab the key to Babylon Garden. But, the hologram warned the Babylon Rogues of the dangers of the Babylon Garden. The trio escape the mountains, only to be cornered by Speedy and an army of the Battle Bird Armada. (SU #33)

Babylon Down

Grand Battle Kukku XV defeating the Babylon Rogues.

Speedy then tells the Babylon Rogues that they should just give him the Key to Babylon Garden and that his father, Grand Battle Kukku XV, will let them join the Battle Bird Armada once again. However, thanks to their Extreme Gear, the Babylon Rogues made it through Speedy and the Battle Bird Armada minions and drones. They begin a cat-and-mouse chase for the Key to Babylon Garden. The Babylon Rogues are able to defeat several of the drones and Speedy chases Jet to the edge of the mountains. Jet mocks Speedy and the young Kukku, armed with a wrist shooter, shoots at Jet's arm, making him vulnerable to Speedy's attacks without fighting back. Speedy goes on to saying how he admired Jet at one time, and eventually Jet is pinned down by Speedy. But, Wave and Storm came to aid Jet until Grand Battle Kukku XV comes into the scene via dropping to the mountain. The Babylon Rouges quickly try to take on the Kukku leader, but they are easily defeated. Jet is pinned down via a Gravity Ring that Grand Battle Kukku XV was wearing. He forces the Babylon Rogues to join their side and claim Babylon Garden and the trio, knowing that this was their only choice, accepted Grand Battle Kukku XV's command. The Kukku leader inserts the Gravity Ring upon the Key to Babylon Garden that Jet gave him and the map of where Babylon Garden was quickly pulled up via monitor. they then prepare to invade the city of New Mobotropolis, the location of where Babylon Garden is buried upon... (SU #34)

The Invasion

Babylon Get!

Sonic preparing to stop the invasion.

At New Mobotropolis, fellow Freedom FightersSonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Rotor Walrus, and Nicole–notice a strange battle ship coming from a distance. This turned out to be the Battle Bird Armada Fortress and it was coming right towards the city in a mire matter of minutes. Nicole was able to place a shield around the city, hopefully securing the city and its citizens. However, after most recent events, she was only able to handle so much of it. Dr. Fukurkov begins to tell Grand Battle Kukku XV about his newest gadget that will make it through the Nanites, the computer microcosmic molecules that run the city and Nicole. They send thousands of Battle Bird Armada soldiers to back up the Babylon Rogues in their "distraction" for the blue hero of the city. Wave then goes over the shield of the city with the gadget Dr. Fukurkov invented and suddenly, with a click from the invention, the shield separates. Elias Acorn tries to warn people to get to their evacuation positions but the citizens don't listen to him since he is no longer king of the city. Rotor, in his Nanite Battle Suit, yells at the citizens to listen to the ex-king, because he is actually right. Thus, the citizens get in their positions while Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose, and Rotor head towards the Battle Bird Armada Fortress. (SU #34, #35)

Airline Flight

Rotor asking why Tails ticked off the Battle Bird Armada.

The Freedom Fighters are then ambushed by the Babylon Rogues, and Sonic decides to chase after the birds. While Tails in his bi-plane, Rotor, and Amy take down the Battle Bird Armada minions, King Ixis Naugus goes towards the Armada's fortress and crystallizes part of the fortress before Grand Battle Kukku XV comes in and introduces himself to Naugus. He then punches Naugus in the gut and, right when Tails decides to land on the fortress, he is carried away by Speedy and thrown down towards Naugus. The two begin to fall to their demise, but Rotor catches Tails and leaves Naugus to land for himself. The citizens evacuate from the city and Sonic is taken far away from the city thanks to the Babylon Rogues. They finish their objective to "distract the chump" and a confused-Sonic begins to attack at them. However, Jet uses the Gravity Ring that Grand Battle Kukku XV had to surround Sonic inside a Babylonian-barrier. The fortress moves along closer inside the city and is placed right above Castle Acorn, and suddenly, a beam is fired upon Castle Acorn by the fortress and Castle Acorn is destroyed... (SU #35)

SU 35 Indenpendence Day

Castle Acorn being blown to smithereens.

Upon this destructive action, the city was blown away, as nothing but the land remain stable. Naugus was able to use his Ixis magic to disappear from the scene before getting hurt. The citizens nearby begin to think New Mobotropolis is not the safest place, as first the Iron Dominion took over New Mobotropolis, then Eggman strikes the city with his newly-built Death Egg, and now the Battle Bird Armada invade the city and blown up the entire town. The citizens then begin to wish they can return to Knothole Village before the village's demise. Elias asks Rotor if Nicole was transferred back to Freedom HQ and the walrus hopes so. Meanwhile, the Babylon Rogues approach the hole the Battle Bird Armada made and they go inside, thinking that the Grand Battle Kukku XV is going to get it first. However, Sonic, running at the speed of sound in a Figure-Eight Peel-Out trick, sneaks up on the trio and begins to hit them, agitated and furious at the Babylon Rogues for tricking him. However, Jet uses his Gravity Band to stick Sonic inside an ancient Babylonian-barrier while the Rogues investigate the place. (SU #36)

An "Alien" Threat

A.D.A.M.'s Original Plan

The Babylonian-robot telling A.D.A.M.'s original plan.

The trio enter inside the ancient Babylonian-ruins, and they find a key placer. Jet inserts the Gravity Band to the Key to Babylon Garden and suddenly the ancient Babylonian-piece is inserted to a Babylonian robot. However, Sonic does a Homing Attack on the trio and he begins to yell that they needed to blow up New Mobotropolis for this. He then begins to think why Nicole didn't detect this machinery when she built the city in the first place. The robot then tells the hedgehog that Nicole's programming did not allow her to search this far deep. But, it was Eggman's son, A.D.A.M. who detected the energy of the machinery and decided to make plans to build a city right on top of Babylon Garden. A.D.A.M. had only detected this Babylonian area as soon as he got all of the Chaos Emeralds from the universe before they were placed back into the Special Zone. Wave begins to look around and asks the robot if this Babylonian-artifact is a spaceship, and the robot replies with a yes. They begin to think about who took the Key to Babylon Garden away from the robot, and the robot replies saying the Babylonians did, after the ancient Babylonians settled on Mobius and began to inhabit the planet, losing their distinctive culture and eventually, the race itself. The robot then prepares to activate the Babylon Garden, as it will begin a wormhole that will destroy the planet in seconds. The Babylon Rogues and Sonic are then shocked at this news, and Babylon Garden rises from the ground! (SU #36)

Babylon Garden RISE!

Babylon Garden rising from New Mobotropolis.

Grand Battle Kukku XV begins to notice the Babylon Garden's rise and sends out bird to capture the artifact. The Kukku leader then realizes that the Rogues are gone, thus they went ahead and activated Babylon Garden's resurrection. He sends Speedy to get the Rogues back to their fortress. The Babylon Rogues are worried about the situation while Sonic doesn't care and wants to stop this mess. Jet tries to tell the Babylonian Auto-Pilot to stop the Babylon Garden, but the robot denies the request, as he lacks the security that the Babylonians had. Sonic goes up ahead to stop the machine, but Speedy comes in and hits every one. Speedy tells Jet that the "Great Destiny" he and his dad have been searching for is about to destroy Mobius and the duck begins to head to get the Key to Babylon Garden. However, it is not there. Sonic holds in in his hand and destroys it. The Auto-Pilot robot then begins to deactivate the plans of destroying Mobius. Sonic then heads out of the exit door, warning the Babylon Rogues and Speedy that if his friends are not all right, then they better run as fast as he does. Sonic runs out of the Babylon Garden. The Babylon Rogues and Speedy then leave the spaceship. Grand Battle Kukku XV notices the Babylon Rogues escaping the Babylon Garden, and he then removes all of the Kukku-grabblers from the spaceship and launches a pod towards the Babylon Garden, swearing that the Babylon Rogues will play. (SU #36)


Battle Bird Armada Invasion Aftermath

The aftermath of the Battle Bird Armada Invasion.

Sonic runs back towards the destroyed-New Mobotropolis and finds Tails, Rotor, Amy, and a confused-Naugus. Sonic asks if the city can be repaired and Rotor replies with a yes, as Nicole's nanites will fix the city slowly, but surely. Sonic then lets Tails go along with him to check up on the Battle Bird Armada and Babylon Garden. They get there, only to be ambushed by several Kukku soldiers, but they were defeated easily by Sonic and Tails. Sonic then assures Tails that they'll be busy for a while. The Babylon Rogues notice the damage done by them and the Battle Bird Armada, and that things are changed due to them knowing that they are aliens. The trio escape the mountains with their Extreme Gear, as Jet proclaims he is the fastest thing alive. (SU #36, StH #233)

Key Events

  • The Babylon Rogues acquired the Key to Babylon Garden, but they are quickly ambushed by the Battle Bird Armada.
  • The Battle Bird Armada forces the Babylon Rogues to join their armada, and, with no choice, they join the group.
  • The Battle Bird Armada, with the assistance of the Babylon Rogues, destroy Castle Acorn and New Mobotropolis itself, due to Nicole's failure of barriers throughout the city.
  • Babylon Garden rises to destroy Mobius, but is quickly pulled down by the Battle Bird Armada.
    • Sonic destroys the Key to Babylon Garden, agitated at the recent events.
  • The Battle Bird Armada takes hold of Babylon Garden outside of New Mobotropolis.
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