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The icon for Battle mode.

This is team battle! Win by forcing opponents off the field!

Omochao, Sonic Heroes

Battle is a minigame for the 2P Play Mode in Sonic Heroes. It is unlocked after the player has collected twenty Emblems in single player mode.


In this multiplayer mode, two players each control a team and their main objective is to mainly attack each other's team to force their characters off the arena. The player who forces all of the opposing team's characters off the field wins. Also, if the round elapses past a certain amount of time and both players have not lost all of their characters yet, the battle instantly goes into a draw, which the round then restarts again from the start.


During Battles, each formation can be countered with a different formation that has the available moves that are most effective against that particular formation:

Enemy Formation Counter Formation
Speed Power
Power Flight
Flight Speed


The following three stages can be played in Battle:

When the player selects "ALL", the game will go through all three of the stages mentioned in that order. The player who wins at least two out of three stages wins the entire minigame.


  • This is the only 2P minigame to not have a split-screen gameplay.

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