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The Bat Robot is an unnamed enemy that appear in Tails Adventure. They are bat-based robots used by the Battle Kukku Empire.


The Bat Robots are small, lime green robotic bats with large yellow eyes.


The Bat Robots can be found in mazes and caves of Volcanic Tunnel, Cavern Island and Polly Mountain 2 where they hang upside down on ceilings by themselves. When the player gets closer to them, they open their eyes and start flying around Tails. The player can simply duck and move on with the Stage or use the Helmet to block the damage Tails would receive.

Bat Robots can be destroyed simply by tossing any type of bomb at them. Like every other enemy in the game, these robotic enemies may drop a Ring after being destroyed.

Powers and abilities

The Bat Robots are capable of wing-born flight and can stick to ceilings.