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The Bat Robot[1] is an enemy that appears in Tails Adventure. They are bat-based robots used by the Battle Kukku Empire.


The Bat Robots are small, robotic bats with large yellow eyes and lime green wings.


The Bat Robots can be found in the mazes and caves of Volcanic Tunnel, Cavern Island and Polly Mountain 2. In gameplay, they hang upside down on ceilings by themselves with their eyes closed. When the player gets close to them however, they will open their eyes and begin swooping down to attack Tails if he draws closer. While the Bat Robots are hard to dodge while in flight, they can be avoided by jumping, ducking or using the Helmet as protection.

Bat Robots can easily be destroyed simply by tossing any type of bomb at them, whether if they are in flight or hanging from the ceiling. Like every other enemy in the game, these robotic enemies may drop a Ring after being destroyed.

Powers and abilities

The Bat Robots are capable of wing-born flight and can stick to ceilings.


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