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Rouge's Signature Move calls bats to defend her.

— Loading screen, Sonic Rivals 2

The Bat Guard is Rouge the Bat's Signature Move in Sonic Rivals 2. When using this move, Rouge releases a swarm of artificial bats that can either protect her from enemies or be used to attack foes.


In order for Rouge to use Bat Guard, she must have her Signature Meter completely filled, which can be done by collecting Rings, defeating enemies or boosting.

When performing Bat Guard, Rouge says "Are you ready for this?", while doing a spin in mid-air and holding her arms out. Rouge will then release six red-glowing bombs with bat wings that will begin to hover around her, while still allowing herself to move around freely. These artificial bats will then keep surrounding Rouge for as long as there are energy in the Signature Meter, which begins to deplete once Bat Guard is active. In gameplay, the player has to press Square to activate this move.

Whenever each of Rouge's bombs make contact with an enemy, be it Badniks or the opposing rival that Rouge is facing, they will explode. For badniks, these bombs will destroy them in one hit, while for the stage's rival, it will damage him and leave him stunned for a moment. If all these bombs are used up, the Signalture Meter will instantly be emptied.


Description of the Bat Guard

While Bat Guard is active, it can be used for both defense and offense. As defense, while the bombs surrounds Rouge, they can act as a damaging shield. As an offense, while Rouge still have some bombs surrounding her, she can grab them and throw them at any nearby enemy one by one as an attack, while the bombs automatically home onto the target when they are within range. In gameplay, the player has to press Square to throw the bombs one at a time.

As with every other Signature Move in Sonic Rivals 2, Metal Sonic can perform this ability when using his own Signature Move, Copycat, while racing against Rouge.

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