Quotation1.svg This great gadget floats in front of your next rival, dealing damage unless they duck! Quotation2.svg
— Description, Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

The Bat Bomb is a Trap Item that appears in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.


The Bat Bomb takes the appearance of a round, white, black, pink and tan balloon gadget that looks like Rouge.


In gameplay, the Bat Bomb can only be obtained at random from Item Boxes by Elite Agent Rouge. Metal Sonic can also use the Bat Bomb if he uses the Steal Item to steal it from the aforementioned user.

When used, the Bat Bomb will appear in front of the playable character' next opponent. If the user is leading the race however, it will appear directly behind them. If a character collides with a Bat Bomb, they will take damage, lose some Rings and slow down. However, the playable characters can avoid contact with the Bat Bomb by sliding underneath it or stepping out of the lane it is placed on.

Regardless of the playable character's level there is a chance that two Bat Bombs can be obtained from one Item Box, but the chances for collecting multiple Bat Bombs increase further by leveling the playable character up to levels 4, 10 and 16.


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