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Baron's Tank

The Baron's Tank

Baron's Tank is a Dark Egg Legion tank in the Archie Comics Sonic the Hedgehog.


When the Sand-BlastersJack, Avery, Tex, Jolt, and Shift E. Wolf– and the ChaotixVector, Espio, Charmy, and Ray– went to a prisoner exchange, Jack had wanted to finally take down the old man, the Baron. Of course, the Baron had a tank with the prisoners, as well as Mighty and his sister. The prisoner exchange went well, until the Sand-Blasters prisoners ambushed the tank. The Baron then ordered to attack the Sand-Blasters. With the Chaotix in the middle of the fight, they accidentally revealed Mighty's real name to Jack, and the furious rabbit yells to attack the Chaotix and the Baron. Ray then tries to get Mighty, but Matilda grabs Ray and tells him that she is not his brother. Ray then yells at her that Mighty is her brother and that he went all around the world to search for her. Soon, Matilda learned that Mighty was her real brother and that she took a missile hit for Mighty. Matilda became unconscious due to this. Of course, Mighty became furious and grabbed a tank and threw it at the Sand-Blasters, most specifically Jack. The Chaotix, luckily, stopped Mighty from doing something he would have regretted. (SU #49)

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