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The original Barfmobile from Sonic the Comic #32. Art by Mike Hadley and John M Burns.

The Barfmobile is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is the personal transport of B.A.R.F. operatives Cam and Bert. It is a small flying ship that fits the two Badnik engineers and little else. Over the years, the Barfmobile has had one major upgrade.


The original Barfmobile was an ancient, rusting machine that barely worked. Although it was a golden yellow, the vehicle had not been cleaned in some time and appeared to be in disrepair. It also fit in well with Doctor Ivo Robotnik's regime, as it was an intense polluter, spluttering into life before pumping exhaust fumes into Mobius' atmosphere. Cam and Bert used this machine on every occasion, having chairs in their base that fed them directly into the Barfmobile. On one instance, they used the Barfmobile to track down a pair of Niceniks (Bim and Bom, two Moto Bugs that had been subjected to a virus). Cam piloted the vessel whilst Bert prepared the Triple-S.[1]

A year later, B.A.R.F. returned with sleek new uniforms and the Barfmobile underwent a similar transformation. The colour scheme was now primarily yellow and blue and resembled a torpedo with wings. Importantly, the Barfmobile seemed to spew much less pollution than before, although landing and take-off still made a mess. A key new feature of this Barfmobile was the ability to attach itself to the Ark Pod, a transport vehicle that dwarfed its pilot machine. When the Barfmobile and Ark Pod were attached, Cam and Bert would operate the combined transport from the Barfmobile but it would be the Ark Pod's thrusters that were used. From here, B.A.R.F. oversaw the migration of the Palmtree Panic Zone Badniks to the Green Hill Zone and vice-versa, although much of the action and the construction of The Seven Badniks was done in the spacious Ark Pod.[2]


  • The Barfmobile's name may be a play on the Batmobile.
  • In much of the first part of its reappearance, the Barfmobile was coloured blue instead of yellow.


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