Band on the Run is the ninth DVD containing Sonic Underground episodes to be released. Published by NCircle Entertainment on 7 September 2010, this DVD consists of four episodes of Sonic Underground. The total running time of the DVD is approximately ninety minutes.

This is the final Sonic Underground exclusive DVD ever released.


  • Tangled Webs - Sonic meets up with his old friend Cyrus. Sonic believes that Cyrus has joined the Freedom Fighters, but he is actually working for Doctor Robotnik. When Cyrus finds out that the Freedom Fighters' "sanctuary" is for children, Sonic, Sonia and Manic must try to bring him to the good side.
  • Artifact - In order to raise money for his own cause, Robotnik auctions off artifacts from the lost city of Mobupinchu. But these artifacts are actually from more recent history; they are bombs, and they're about to go off. When a bomb lands in Bartleby's hands, can the Underground stop Robotnik from finding the real Mobupinchu and save Bartleby?
  • Sleepers - Robotnik invents a new dart that induces sleep and sends them after the Resistance. It's up to Sonic and his siblings to stop them from the source. Unfortunately, they run into a bit of trouble when Manic is hit by the sleeper darts. Nevertheless, after destroying the sleepers, they must destroy the fuel source in the Badlands Mine.
  • Virtual Danger - Sonic and Manic become addicted to a new video game, so much so that it's hindering Cyrus' plan to infiltrate Robotnik's base. When Sonic and Manic get sucked into the game, can they survive when they find out Robotnik is behind everything and ready to eliminate them?


  • The DVD takes its name from Band on the Run, an album and song by Paul McCartney & Wings. This references the fact that the Sonic Underground are a rock band escaping from the clutches of Robotnik.
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