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The Balance Beam[1] is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. It is a pink beam that Amy Rose can use to explore the levels in the game.


The Balance Beams are thick grey beams decorated with glowing pulses of pink light and a pink top surface. They are either hanging from the sides of walls or levitating in midair.


In gameplay, the Balance Beams' purpose is to provide ways for Amy to traverse level environments using her specific character abilities. When using a Balance Beam, Amy climbs on top of it and performs Beam Walk. This allows the player to take different paths throughout the levels which are specifically meant for Amy. Certain Balance Beams however, must be extracted from walls using either a Button or the Enerbeam.

To use a Balance Beam in gameplay, the player simply has to touch it with Amy and she will automatically grab hold and swing herself onto it. Balance Beams do not necessarily provide safe passage however. Some will suddenly collapse while others feature damage-inducing hazards, such as spiked pendulums that swing between two beams or carts that roll along them.


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