Baker (べイカー[1] Beikā?) is a transformation that appears in Sonic: Night of the Werehog. He is the combined ghost entity created by the fusion between Su and Uh.


Baker is a massive ghost, standing at nearly double Sonic the Werehog's height. He has a large body and a big build with an ox-like face, including two horns. Baker has visible fangs that come out of his bottom jaw, red eyes, thick eyebrows, and white skin wherever he lacks his green fur. He wears a red scarf that flows behind him.


When Su and Uh were humiliated by Sonic the Werehog for their shared love-interest Lah to laugh at them, the two ghosts teamed up to get payback Sonic by fusing into Baker.

Baker approached Sonic in the haunted house, and was able to harm him because Sonic could not see him. However, Chip discovered that Baker appeared visible in photos taken of him and instructed Sonic to use a camera to track Baker. This did little to help though, as Baker could attack Sonic before the pictures could develop. Eventually, Baker knocked Sonic out and was about to take his picture when Su and Uh began fighting over who would take the picture, causing Baker to separate. No sooner, Sonic woke up and beat the ghost duo.

Powers and abilities

As a ghost, Baker possesses the standard abilities of his kind, such as levitation, invisibility, and intangibility. Outside that, he has demonstrated incredible physical prowess and strength, enough to easily overwhelm Sonic the Werehog, and even though he only got hit once by Sonic, he was able to endure the hit with very little damage.


Due to being made of Uh and Su, Baker's existence depends on the cooperation of the two ghosts, meaning he will break apart if they stop working together. He also does not appear invisible in camera pictures, though this weakness cannot be fully exploited by opponents due to the time it takes for pictures to develop.




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