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Badnik Sonic from Sonic the Comic #4. Art by Ed Hillyer.

The Badnik Sonic is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a Badnik robot built by Doctor Robotnik to resemble Sonic the Hedgehog. Unlike later Sonic-form robots, such as the Metallix series, the Badnik Sonic was designed to incorporate an organic battery: Sonic himself.


Robotnik sent the Badnik Sonic to destroy Star Posts in an attempt to protect his new base in the Special Zone, in the process implicating Sonic in the vandalism. When two Emerald Hill Zone residents, Ruff and Stripes, caught the Badnik Sonic in the act, Robotnik sent a Badnik Ruff and Badnik Stripes to capture them. When Sonic came with Tails to investigate the slur on his good name, the Badnik Sonic attacked them both. It seemed to overpower Sonic at first, apparently concussing Sonic when they collided head-on. Just as Sonic was about to retaliate, the hedgehog collided with Tails who was attempting to rescue him and they ended up entangled on the ground. Because of this, the Badnik Sonic was able to pull Sonic inside its body and install him as its organic battery.

However, Sonic's mind was able to resist the Badnik's control, allowing him to take over the powerful metal form. After deceiving Robotnik into revealing his reasons for collecting Star Posts, Sonic turned on the inventor, grabbing onto his moustache and lifting him off the ground. Threatening to perform a Supersonic Spin while holding his moustache, Sonic demanded that Robotnik release his captives. Robotnik used a remote to destroy the Badniks that were present, including the Badnik Sonic. Robotnik then fled the scene, with the Badnik Sonic's metal hand still holding tight to his moustache.[1]

Sonic Badnik

StC Badnik Sonic

Another model, that Robotnik retains.

Doctor Robotnik had plans for another, more powerful Badnik Sonic different from the original one. It was made specifically to have Sonic as it's organic battery and is located in his secret laboratory inactive. Robotnik determined that he'll catch Sonic one day and turn him into the greatest Badnik of all. It is more armoured and weaponised than the previous incarnation. It's fingers are guns, face mounted with guns and beak like muzzle is armed with a gun and its nose as a Mills bomb grenade.

Robotnik never fulfilled the purpose of this Badnik as he never captured and sealed Sonic within this ultimate Sonic Badnik.[2]


The Badnik Sonic was built to resemble Sonic. The resemblance was close enough that Ruff the dog (who had only seen the Badnik from behind) believed it to actually be Sonic, citing the Badnik's crazy spikes and ability to spin as proof. Ruff's friend Stripes, however, noticed that the Badnik Sonic was larger than the real Sonic.

Like Sonic, the Badnik had the ability to perform a spin attack by curling into a ball. Unlike Sonic, however, while in a ball it could also fire its spines in all directions (fast enough to scratch Sonic on the back of the hand). Its chest cavity could open up, revealing metal tentacles that could be used to capture an organic battery.


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