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The Badnik Army Repair Functionaries, or B.A.R.F. for short, is a group that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway. They were a division of Robotnik's workers who repaired the Badnik robots destroyed by the Freedom Fighters. The group consisted of Cam and Bert, both of whom were highly devoted to Robotnik and the "improvements" he would made to Mobius.

The two appeared in two Sonic's World stories ("No More Mr. Nice Bug" and "The Seven Badniks"), both starring B.A.R.F. as main characters. They were created by Mark Eyles.


In their first appearance, Sonic's ally Porker Lewis made a weapon that could change the programming of Badniks to make them nature-loving "Niceniks". While reprogramming the corrupted Moto Bugs back, B.A.R.F. managed to lose two of them and they had to track them down for fear they would infect other Moto Bugs. When the Niceniks launched a vicious assault on them for harming flowers, Cam and Bert retaliated by smashing them, then rebuilding them into a single badnik from the spare parts.[1]

In their second appearance (wearing new uniforms and with Cam having less jagged teeth), they were tasked with transporting Badniks from the Miracle Planet's Palmtree Panic Zone to Mobius' Green Hill Zone, in order to catch Sonic off guard by having him face Badniks he wouldn't expect to find in that Zone. However, the Palmtree Panic models refused to share a Zone with the older Green Hill Badniks and ran amok, exterminating all the older models. The titular Seven BadniksMetamoto, Buzzorgsky, Crabaton, Crabinator, Buzznik, Motobotnik and Choppalien—were then built out of Green Hill Badniks by B.A.R.F to pacify the Palmtree Panic models, which they did with ease. The unruly Badniks were then taken back to the Miracle Planet (where they were promptly smashed by the vacationing Freedom Fighters).[2]

Buzzorgsky, Buzznik, Crabbaton and Crabnik use Newtron parts, with the latter two using Crabmeats as well; Metamoto and Motobotnik appear little more than souped-up Motobugs; Choppalien is clearly a modified Chopper, with a secondary mouth.



  • Although it ran at the same time, "The Seven Badniks" must be set before the story "Brotherhood Of Metallix" because of the use of the Palmtree Panic Zones and the Miracle Planet without the Brotherhood's involvement.
  • Cam and Bert's names were derived from the French cheese camembert.[3]
  • The acronym for the group's name is derived from the word Barf- a slang term for vomiting.


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