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Badnik Amy from Sonic the Comic #82. Art by Nigel Kitching and John M. Burns.

The Badnik Amy is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. A Badnik built by Commander Brutus in the form of Amy Rose, it used Amy as an organic battery.


When Brutus launched his rebellion in the Metropolis Zone, he captured Amy and Johnny Lightfoot and had them turned into Badniks.[1][2] The Badnik Amy and Badnik Johnny attacked Sonic, but Sonic was unwilling to use his full strength on them for fear of hurting his friends. When the Badnik Johnny was destroyed by Shortfuse the Cybernik, Badnik Amy attacked Sonic, Johnny and Shortfuse with the rapid-fire crossbows on her wrists.[3] Sonic sucked the crossbow bolts into the slipstream of his super-speed, and redirected them back towards Badnik Amy. The bolts destroyed the Badnik shell, freeing Amy from the Badnik.[4]


StC Badnik Amy

Amy being sealed in the prototype of Super Badnik.

  • Dr. Robotnik had previously built a Badnik Amy and attempted to install Amy herself as an organic battery. This Badnik was a prototype "Super Badnik", from which an organic battery could never be released, but the installation was never completed and Sonic destroyed it with a Spin Attack.[5]


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