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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Holo-screens depicting the ancient Babylonians.

The Babylonians, also called the Children of Babylon, are a race that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics. They are an ancient culture of extraterrestrial aliens who stranded on Mobius over a millennium ago in Babylon Garden.[1] This culture eventually settled down Mobius, integrating with the Mobian population while giving rise to various legends surrounding them.



In spite of being extraterrestrial, the Babylonians are show to closely resemble Mobian birds, though their eyes appear to lack pupils.[2]

Characteristics and Culture

The Babylonians were a highly advanced technological culture, having invented force field enhanced holography which allows holograms to physically interact with the surroundings, the Gravity Ring which could form compressed gravity fields, and wormhole generators that could create shortcuts throughout space-time (though the latter malfunctioned and could create black holes).[2][3][4]


A millennium ago, the Babylonians crash-landed on Mobius in their spaceship, the Babylon Garden. There, they discovered that their ship's wormhole generator, which allowed it to travel across space easily, had suffered an irreplaceable malfunction, and any attempt to use it in such a state on Mobius would create a black hole that would destroy the planet in its wake. The Baylon Garden's automated systems, however, detected the malfunction, and would attempt to follow its navigational routine and travel back to its homeworld for repairs.[2]

Refusing the responsibility for the destruction of Mobius, the Babylonians removed Babylon Garden's ignition matrix from the ship to keep their spaceship's system from reactivating. To further prevent any future attempts to reactivate Babylon Garden, the Babylonians split the ignition matrix into the Gravity Ring and the Key to Babylon Garden, and hid the Key away beneath the Gigan Mountains to be protected by Angelus. Babylon Garden itself was then buried deep beneath where New Mobotropolis would be built.[2][3]

Having secured that Babylon Garden would not be a treat, the Babylonians abandoned the Garden and colonized Mobius, eventually becoming a part of the Mobian population while their history and knowledge were lost to time. While half of the Babylonians embraced travel and independence as they set out on their own, the other half adopted a strict militaristic lifestyle under the family of the Battle Kukkus, the Babylonians' descendants.[1] The stories of the Babylonians and Babylon Garden persisted regardless, though few knew anything for certain about them. As the Battle Bird Armada rose to power, they became fixated on locating Babylon Garden, as the Battle Kukkus believed their destiny was to conquer Mobius and everyone living under it's skies, and that Babylon Garden could help them achieve that goal.

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