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The Babylon Rogues (バビロン盗賊団 Babiron Touzokudan?, lit. "Babylon Thieves") are a group that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are a legendary band of thieves who have existed since ancient times,[2] with the mantle of the group being inherited from one generation to the next. Each member is a descendant of the ancient Babylonians, an alien race of genie-like beings that got stranded on Earth in ages past.[3]

In the present day, the Babylon Rogues consist of Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross. In addition to being a talented and professional group of present-day thieves,[4][5] this trio is acclaimed world-wide for their Extreme Gear skills.[6] They also share an ongoing rivalry with Team Sonic.

Concept and creation[]

According to Sonic Riders game designer Takashi Yuda, the Babylon Rogues were conceptualized by Sonic Team to be "air pirates" that would become Sonic's rivals.[7]



According to legend, the Babylon Rogues were a band of technologically advanced thieves known as the Babylonians.[2][8] The Babylonians themselves were a group of genie-like aliens who got stranded on Earth in the ancient past when they were forced to disconnect the engine units called the Arks of the Cosmos, which were advanced stones capable of harnessing the power of a black hole, from the warp drive of their spaceship, the Babylon Garden, and send them into orbit around earth in order to keep their ship from generating a black hole.[9][10] Whether the Babylon Rogues were formed before or after the Babylonians landed on Earth is unknown, however.

Babylon legend

The Babylon Rogues as depicted in ancient legends, from Sonic Riders.

On Earth, the Babylon Rogues became a legendary band of great thieves. They made their home on Babylon Garden, which was made into a floating island that could fly across the sky.[2] During the time of Stolen, the thirteenth leader of the Babylon Rogues, the Babylonians invented the Magic Carpet, which was an early prototype of the first Extreme Gear.[11][12] This piece of technology was invented to allow the Babylon Rogues to travel all over the world to gather treasure.[13] After that, the Babylon Rogues would become specialists in the art of Extreme Gear.[2]

Despite having settled on Earth, the Babylonians still yearned to return to their home planet. Due to having left the engine units for the Babylon Garden in orbit however, all they could do was wait for them to fall down to the surface so they could use them to relaunch Babylon Garden into space.[9][14] As such, whenever the Babylonians saw a shooting star, they would wish to go back to their home planet.[9] Amy theorized that the Babylonians may have developed the tradition of wishing on shooting stars, believing that they would have looked to the night sky for the falling Arks of the Cosmos to return.[9] Eventually recovering two Arks of the Cosmos, the Babylonians would seal one away in the Gigan Rocks and the other in the Crimson Crater until it was time to relaunch Babylon Garden.[14]

According to legend, the Babylon Rogues eventually incurred the wrath of the Gods because of their crimes. As punishment, Babylon Garden was cast into the depths of earth, leaving it buried underneath Sand Ruins. After that, the Babylonians were supposedly scattered for all time.[2] Despite this, a clan of Babylonians called the Babylon clan persisted.[15] This clan continued their thieving ways as the Babylon Rogues for generations to come, with the Key to Babylon Garden, a relic from the Ancient Babylonians which could return Babylon Garden to the skies, being passed down along with them.[16] However, the Babylon Rogues' knowledge about their alien origins and achievements were slowly forgotten over time. Eventually, all the Babylon Rogues had left were the Key to Babylon Garden and misunderstood legends about Babylon Garden, the treasures it supposedly held, and their scattered relics.[15] One of these legends in particular told that ancient Babylonians left a hidden treasure behind in Babylon Garden.[2][17]

Not too long ago, there was a group of Babylon Rogues whose members included Jet's father and Wave's father.[1][18] This group was eventually superseded by the current generation of Babylon Rogues: Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross. Jet himself took over as leader of the team and received the Key to Babylon Garden from his father.[18] In time, these Babylon Rogues became a talented group of professional thieves and gained world-wide acclaim for their Extreme Gear riding skills.[5][6] Jet's revered skills as an Extreme Gear rider in particular earned him an impressive reputation, leading him to become known as the "Legendary Wind Master".[4]

Sonic Riders series[]

Sonic Riders[]

In Sonic Riders, the Babylon Rogues met Dr. Eggman onboard their ship. After Eggman gave Jet info on how to use the Key to Babylon Garden, the group teamed up with him to get the Treasure of Babylon, which Eggman convinced them was a valuable gem. The trio thus undertook the task of gathering the seven Chaos Emeralds needed to activate the Key to Babylon Garden. In order to gather the Emeralds, Eggman hosted the EX World Grand Prix. To register for this competition, the contestants just had to pay an entry fee of one Chaos Emerald, and the winner got to claim them all. All the Babylon Rogues had to do was win this competition.


The Babylon Rogues escaping the police in Future City, from Sonic Riders.

The trio soon stole a Chaos Emerald in Future City. During their escape from the police, they ran across Team Sonic. Although Knuckles got to clobber Storm and Sonic chased after Jet, the trio escaped (with Storm catching onto a passing Wave before reclaiming his own Gear, which Sonic had commandeered for his pursuit of Jet). After the Babylon Rouges joined the World Grand Prix, Wave secretly put a bomb on Sonic's Blue Star while taking a look at it. She also took the opportunity to diss Tails. Storm later met Knuckles. Holding a grudge at each other, the two decided to settle it on the track. In the end, Knuckles eliminated Storm from the competition. Later, the trio reunited onboard their ship. There, Jet revealed that he suspected that Eggman was hiding something. As such, he sent Storm out to find out what he could. While Wave and Jet awaited Storm, Jet snuck away to taunt Sonic while he was practicing his Extreme Gear techniques. Soon after, Wave got eliminated from the Grand Prix when she lost to Tails. When Storm later showed up with Eggman's diary, the trio learned that Eggman had deceived them; the Treasure of Babylon was not a gem, but the Babylonians' technology, which he planned to use to conquer the world. Jet wanted to back out since he had no interest in Eggman's plan, but Wave convinced him that there was still profit to gain from the treasure. As such, Jet took part in the finals. When Jet stood to lose to Sonic though, Wave detonated her bomb on Sonic's Blue Star, thus allowing Jet to sweep in and claim victory. Having earned the seven Chaos Emeralds, Jet used them in tandem with the Key to Babylon Garden, thus making Babylon Garden rise up from Sand Ruins. While Jet was distracted though, Eggman took the key and headed to Babylon Garden himself to steal the treasure.

The trio pursued Eggman to Babylon Garden and eventually went after him on their Extreme Gears. While Jet ended up racing Sonic to Eggman's location, Wave and Storm were forced to escape Eggman's robots after running into Tails and Knuckles. In the end, Jet lost to Sonic (riding an upgraded Blue Star II Tails had prepared for him in advance), who gave the key back to Jet. When Jet refused Sonic's pity, Wave took the key on behalf of the Babylon Rogues, which Jet begrudgingly went along with. After the trio entered the treasury however, they were attacked by the Babylon Guardian. With the aid of Amy and Team Sonic though, the group managed to defeat the guardian and reveal the Treasure of Babylon, which turned out to be a Magic Carpet, much to the disappointment of Eggman when he arrived to steal it. Regardless, Team Sonic and the Babylon Rogues were fascinated by this advanced piece of fabric, which made Jet conclude that the Babylon Rogues were descendants of genies. With the whole ordeal over and with their rivalry more friendly, Team Sonic and the Babylon Rogues parted ways, but promised to meet again to settle their score.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity[]

In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, a few months after the EX World Grand Prix,[19] the Babylon Rogues had arrived at the Gigan Rocks to procure an Ark of the Cosmos. Deactivating the trap protecting it, Jet managed to snag it from its pedestal. However, just as Jet and Wave wished upon a shooting star, the trap was activated when a meteorite crashed nearby. Fortunately, the Babylon Rogues were saved when Jet accidentally triggered the Ark of the Cosmos's gravity manipulating power. With it, Jet realized he now had the power to beat Sonic.


The Babylon Rogues appearing before Team Sonic, from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

Onboard the Babylon Rogues' ship, Wave confirmed to Jet what the Arks of the Cosmos were and that there were five of them, each attracted to one another. Just as Jet issued Wave to make a radar for finding them though, Storm arrived with a news rapport that revealed that an Ark of the Cosmos at an exhibit had been stolen by a SCR-GP. As such, the trio headed out to get the Ark of the Cosmos. When they found the SCR-GP with the Ark of the Cosmos, however, Jet made it crash into a botanic garden. There, the Ark of the Cosmos was found by Amy, who ended up bringing it to Team Sonic. After seeing the Ark of the Cosmos fall into the hands of Team Sonic, the Babylon Rouges decided to circle on ahead and gather information after overhearing that Team Sonic were heading to MeteorTech. Eventually arriving at MeteorTech themselves, the trio dispatched some robots as they made their appearance to Team Sonic. Just as Jet demanded the Ark of the Cosmos from Amy so he could settle his score with Sonic, more robots arrived. Deeming this place unsafe, Team Sonic departed, prompting Jet and Wave to follow them. Storm, on the other hand, chased after Amy to get her Ark of the Cosmos.

Learning along the way that Sonic had an Ark of the Cosmos too (likely from the original meteorite), Jet and Wave arrived in MeteorTech's control room. There, they found Dr. Eggman, the owner of MeteorTech. He revealed that MeteorTech's mother computer held an Ark of the Cosmos too, and that a robot called SCR-HD, who also held an Ark of the Cosmos, was using the world's robots to collect the Arks of the Cosmos for an unknown purpose. Just as Jet saw this as a result of the attraction between the Arks of the Cosmos, the group discovered that Storm and Amy were elsewhere. In the meantime, Storm got Amy's Ark of the Cosmos and the one SCR-HD was carrying after the robot cornered them and blew up. As the trio regathered onboard their ship, Storm brought the Arks of the Cosmos to Jet. Then, just as Wave revealed a peculiar piece of info about a "lightless black" related to the Arks of the Cosmos in the Babylonian scrolls, Eggman came and stole the two Arks of the Cosmos Storm had just brought.

The trio pursued Eggman to Crimson Tower, where they met Amy and Team Sonic. After they told what Eggman had done, Team Sonic concluded that Eggman planned to use the Arks of the Cosmos to control all the world's robots for world domination. The trio subsequently faced Team Sonic in a race to Eggman, with the right to all of the Arks of the Cosmos being at stake. Ultimately, the race ended in a draw between Jet and Sonic, who stopped Eggman and the global robot rampage. Then, after Babylon Garden appeared due to all the Arks of the Cosmos being present, Sonic gave his Arks of the Cosmos to Jet and prepared to take his leave. As the Babylon Rouges prepared to go to Babylon Garden however, SCR-HD appeared and took all five Arks of the Cosmos to Babylon Garden, which transformed it into Astral Babylon and made it form a black hole that threatened to consume the planet. Both Team Sonic and the trio thus headed to Astral Babylon to disconnect the ship's engine and stop the black hole. There, they faced and defeated Master Core: ABIS, thus saving the world. Afterward, Wave asked Jet if he was okay with all of. In response, Jet said that though he would miss space, there was more for him on earth. As such, the Babylon Rogues left Astral Garden in orbit around the planet while they resumed their old ways.

Sonic Free Riders[]


Team Babylon, from Sonic Free Riders.

In Sonic Free Riders, the Babylon Rouges entered the second World Grand Prix hosted by a disguised Dr. Eggman as "Team Babylon" solely for the purpose of obtaining glory. Jet, however, was mostly motivated by his inevitable showdown with Sonic, who was in the Grand Prix too. As the team got interviewed, the members expressed great confidence.

In the first round, Team Babylon went up against Team Dark. As Team Babylon took the lead, sparks began to fly between the two teams in spite of the respect Jet and Storm showed their opponents. In the end though, Team Babylon beat Team Dark and advanced to the next round, where they stood to face Team Rose. Between the races, the trio would mock their opponents. After more victories, the trio beat Team Rose. Having made it to the finals, Team Babylon found themselves squaring off against Team Heroes, much to the satisfaction of the trio's members, who looked forward to facing their respective rivals. When the time came for the final race though, Jet suspected that Wave had been sabotaging Team Heroes' Extreme Gear. After the trio claimed their decisive victory over Team Heroes however, it seemed as if Team Heroes had trouble with their Extreme Gear. Suspecting that his teammates (namely Wave) had something to do with this, Jet demanded a rematch with Sonic in order to prove that he did not need dirty tricks to win, which was approved. After beating Team Heroes yet again, Team Babylon was declared champions. In addition, they looked forward to their next encounter with Team Heroes.

During the extra rounds, the trio had their own fair share of losses too. At the end of the tournament, the trio and the other teams came to the awards ceremony to collect their prizes, but Eggman made them have a final race against his "ultimate Gear-Jockey robot." After the race, Eggman revealed he had used the Grand Prix to collect everyone's racing data with his E-10000 robots to create the ultimate Extreme Gear for him to use. Eggman subsequently challenged Team Babylon and the others to a race. After the teams beat Eggman, Metal Sonic revealed himself as the one controlling E-10000B, and it was discovered that Metal had given Eggman fake data so he could use the real one to beat Sonic in Extreme Gear riding. After Sonic defeated Metal in a race though, it was revealed that Eggman never had a prize to give out. While Storm and Wave were upset about this turn of events, Jet admitted he had a fun time competing.

IDW Publishing[]

Bonds of Friendship[]

Arriving in Spiral Hill Village, the Babylon Rogues quickly assaulted the Mineral Museum, where they swiftly stole the many valuable minerals put on display before making a hasty retreat back to their blimp. Up there, as the trio went over their haul, however, they discovered that Storm had accidentally kidnapped the museum's curator, Jewel the Beetle. Soon after, Tangle and Whisper showed up to rescue Jewel. As Jet and Wave began arguing over how to deal with this situation, Tangle secretly stole their loot back. Soon though, Jet grew tired of arguing and told Storm to throw everyone out. When Storm complied by throwing Jewel out of the blimp however, Jet scolded Storm for making them look violent. As Wave then began complaining about having to save Jewel now, Tangle stopped the trio, as she and Whisper had it under control. After the Babylon Rogues then received a threat from Tangle about not coming to her village again, Tangle leapt out of the blimp with the stolen goods, angering Jet. Wave, however, told him to let them go as today was a hassle.[20]

All or Nothing[]


The Babylon Rogues discuss Sonic's proposal, from Sonic the Hedgehog #25.

The Babylon Rogues were later contacted by Amy Rose to meet her and a group of survivors from the Metal Virus on Angel Island. There, they were told that they were needed to help steal the Chaos Emeralds from a group called the Deadly Six. Jet showed little care to help Sonic and his allies unless the reward was big enough. Even when Wave pointed out that they still needed the world's resources, Jet felt as if they could figure it out on their own without having to become "goodie-goodies"; Storm backed Jet up on his stance but noted that he liked to eat. Sonic managed to appeal to Jet once he stated that he needed his help and the world needed the "Legendary Wind Master". Flattered, Jet was prepared to help the world.[21]

The crew witnessed Eggman and Tails build a Multi-Portal Generator with the Warp Topaz that would take everyone where they need to go an instant. Sonic returned from his run and had come up with a plan for who should be assigned with who and what Zeti they should go after. He told the Babylon Rogues that they were to take on Master Zik, and though he was old, he was craftier than all of the Deadly Six combined. Despite this, the team were confident that they could take him on easily. Once Tails and Eggman set the coordinates for everyone to move out, the Rogues went through the Warp Portal to Winterburg. The Babylon Rogues immediately tried to get the jump on Master Zik, but the Zeti used his powers to take over their Extreme Gear and knock them off. After jumping onto Jet's board, the hawk is immediately angered. When noting that they were surrounded by Zombots, Jet taunted Master Zik by asking if he could not fight on his own. Master Zik told them that he retired from the battlefield long ago but would not mind teaching the Rogues a few lessons. The crew jumped at Master Zik; while Wave and Storm were hit by their own boards, Jet knocked the Zeti off of his board with his Bashōsen, gloating about it. However, the hawk was alerted to Wave and Storm as they were surrounded by Zombots.[22]


Jet stays behind with Wave and Storm to face a Zombot horde, from Sonic the Hedgehog #28.

Jet furiously demanded that Master Zik let them go, only for the Zeti to taunt him for only now understanding the consequences of threatening his elders. Wave and Storm fended off the Zombots below with their respective equipment; Wave told Jet to leave before it was too late but also berated him as she told him earlier that a full frontal assault was a bad idea; Storm asked what they were going to do as he could not do what he usually did, which was to punch others. Master Zik took glee in watching Jet try to act on his own, saying one should not sacrifice their teammates unless it benefited them and that all he had to do was say one command for Jet to lose everything. He then asked if he could beg for mercy to entertain him. Refusing to give up, Jet stated that the Babylon Rogues did not beg, give up or lose and hit Master Zik with a large gale of wind from his Bashōsen. As the Zeti fell toward Storm, the albatross powerfully punched him overhead. Wave then used her wrench to grab the Chaos Emerald off of him. Defeated and defenseless, Master Zik was soon grabbed by Zombots while he told Jet that he was not tactical or skillful, but lucky. Wave gave the Chaos Emerald to Jet telling him to leave without her and Storm as her board was lost to the Zombots and Storm's was nearly smashed to pieces. Jet pondered about this while looking at the Chaos Emerald and made a decision; he tied the Emerald to his board and sent it through the Warp Portal. As he readied himself to fight with his teammates, Jet told them that like he told the Zeti, the Babylon Rogues do not lose. According to him, Sonic will get the Emerald and do his hero thing, but they will show the Zombots a real challenge in the meantime.[23]

Out of the Blue[]

After Super Sonic and Super Silver had reversed the effects of the Metal Virus all around the world, the Zombots were no more and were cured. Storm gleefully hugged his teammates, happy that they were not infected. The group noted Master Zik has disappeared before Wave commended Jet on sticking with her and Storm to fight instead of go directly to Angel Island himself. Jet was initially taken aback by the kind words, only to swiftly descend into boasting, which Wave was exasperated by but Storm encouraged.[24] Some time later, the Babylon Rogues were invited by Tangle to a party in Spiral Hill Village. Jet complained that there was no sculpture of him, even though he risked his life to save everyone. Wave and Storm took little heed of his complaints and simply enjoyed their food and the show. Suddenly, the group was alerted to a large crash in the town, revealed to be Eggman in a large mecha.[25] During Eggman's attack, the Babylon Rogues decided to rob the Mineral Museum while the heroes were distracted. However, upon their arrival, they saw the exhibits had already been acquired by Rouge.[26]

Endless Summer[]

The Rogues went to the beach at Green Hill one day and ran into Sonic with Tangle, Whisper, and Jewel. Jet wanted them gone and refused to share the beach even after Wave suggested the do. Wave then decided they should settle who has the beach with a competition. After winning a swim relay and surfing, but losing disk catch and sand-sculpting, it came down to a game of volleyball. The game was close, but after Sonic set in a motion a plan by Jewel, Sonic's team got the winning two points and won. As the defeated Rogues packed up their things, Jewel came up to them and offered for them to stay and share the beach, which they reluctantly agreed to. They later shared a campfire with Sonic and his friends on the beach.[27]

Relic Robbing Rumble[]

Knuckles finds the Rouges stealing some statues in Marble Garden. He flies in to take them out and Jet orders Storm to fight him. Knuckles manages to land a big punch on him, but Storm recovers and throws Knuckles into a wall. Knuckles gets back up and follows them, but the Rogues on their Extreme Gear manage to get away. Later that evening, the Babylon Rogues wait for the "guy" at a pier. Jet is getting impatient about him showing up, but Wave isn't having his bad mood. Storm plays with the relics, which Jet tells him to knock off. Wave asks if it is because of respecting cultural sensitivity, but Jet tells her it's because he doesn't want Storm to damage them, much to her disappointment. Jet says he would have shown more respect if they came from the Babylonians. Then Knuckles and the Chaotix attack the Rouges at the dock. Caught flat footed, Jet tells his cohorts to scatter. Jet and Wave fly up with their Extreme Gear and Jet tells Storm to toss them the relics. Storm does and starts to fight with Knuckles. Charmy manages to grab a relic before Jet can catch it. Jet says he won't him steal his stuff, which makes Charmy think he is doing a bad thing. Charmy hands him the relic, much to Jet's confusion, and Espio yells at the bee and jumps on the underside of the Type-J. Espio tries to get Jet down by spinning the board, which causes them to crash in the water. Wave then boards above the water to find Jet, but Vector comes out of the water and bites onto the Type-W. Wave yells at him to get off her Extreme Gear as Storm boasts to Knuckles he can't beat him on ground or in the air. Knuckles then brings them into the water by smashing the dock under them.

As Storm recovers on his Type-S, Knuckles calls the Chaotix to wrap it up. Wave gives up and lands with Vector. Charmy asks nicely for the relic and Jet lets him have it; too tired and wet to keep fighting. They all make it back to the dock where Vector asks Jet who hired them to steal the relics. Jet rings out his feathers and stubbornly says maybe they weren't hired. Vector threatens to take the Type-J as evidence, which causes Jet to fess up. He takes his board back and says the guy did not use a name and he called them first. Knuckles says they are done, since he got the relics back. Storm then taunted Knuckles, saying he didn't want to fight him again. Knuckles confronts storm saying he will take him down anytime, anywhere. Storm and Knuckles are about to fight again, when Jet and Wave pull Storm back.

Later on, the Babylon Rouges' blimp, Jet is calling their contact. Storm is confused and Jet says he lied to the Chaotix. Storm calls him smart and Jet waves for him to leave. He tells the contact the Chaotix got them and stole the relics, but they will steal from Angel Island again to get them. The contact says that won't be necessary and all this was to keep others distracted while he did business. Jet yells at him, saying he used him.

Clean Sweepstakes[]

the Rouges catch up to Sonic's team and Jet begins to mock the hedgehog, taunting him with their busy recent work and cockily questions the speedster if he thinks he can truly beat the Babylon Rogues. Wave then teases Tails over his extreme gear, but Amy quickly defends him, telling Wave she would choose Tails' gear over hers any day. Storm attempts to threaten Amy, but the attempt quickly fails as Amy strikes fear into the albatross. Jet goads Sonic into making his own taunt, but the hedgehog ignores him and sets his acceleration to the max. As Jet fumes over his rival getting away, Sonic praises Tails over the acceleration of their upgraded Extreme Gear. Both Team Sonic and the Babylon Rouges continue to race through the streets until Jet tries to take a swipe at Sonic's gear. The two groups are interrupted by Lanolin fires a version of the variable wispon, noting that attacking another competitor is a violation to the rules.[28] At the start of the second race the Rouges were on a lead until the Phantom Rider catch up and started mocking Jet. which Storm would tell him to wait for him and Wave, but Jet and the Phantom Rider were neck and neck until the phantom Rider leaves and while there is chaos on the course the Baylon rouges get top 3. But Wave noticed the audience was not cheering for them instead they were cheering for Surge and Kit causing frustration in Jet.[29]

Other game appearances[]

Sonic and the Secret Rings[]

In Sonic and the Secret Rings, the trio appear in the game's gallery.

Sonic Rivals series[]

The trio also make a cameo appearance in the Sonic Rivals series, each as their own respective collectible cards.


In other media[]

Books and comics[]

Archie Comics[]

ArchieBabylon Rogues

The Babylon Rogues, from Sonic the Hedgehog #163.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, the Babylon Rogues were originally deserters from the Battle Bird Armada. At one point, Predator Hawk was among their ranks, but he left to join Mammoth Mogul. The Babylon Rogues would eventually make themselves known to the Freedom Fighters where they would attack Sonic and attempt to seize a Sol Emerald. During their search for Babylon Garden, the Rogues were forced to join the Battle Bird Armada again, but they managed to escape when Babylon Garden was destroyed.

After the timeline was rebooted by the Super Genesis Wave, the Babylon Rogues' history became almost identical to that of their game counterparts.

Theme songs[]


While the characters got positive reviews from fans, they got mixed reviews from game journalists. IGN said Jet's voice is annoying in Sonic Free Riders. GamesRadar praised their appearance, which they called "edgy-cute-looking."


  • All of the Babylon Rogues have blue eyes.
  • All of the Babylon Rogues have flame-like tattoos on their forearms.
  • All of the Babylon Rogues wear their eyewear during races and are the only characters to do so in all of the Sonic Riders series.
  • Oddly, all the Babylon Rogues have visible, triangular nostrils in their artwork for Sonic Riders. Their models in said game, lack nostrils, however, as do all subsequent models and artwork.
  • All three members have shared their voice actors with their respective rival from Team Sonic at some point. However, no game has had all three members share their voice actors (in Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Wave did not share her voice actor with Tails, and in Sonic Free Riders, Jet did not share his voice actor with Sonic).








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