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Sonic Riders
Babylon Guardian

Babylon Guardian (バビロンガーディアン Babirongādian?) is the seventh and final track in the Babylon Story Mode in Sonic Riders. Located within the inner sanctum of Babylon Garden, this track is a phantasmal space that simulates a nightmarish landscape. It is also where the Babylon Guardian, the guardian God of Babylon, safeguards the Treasure of Babylon.

This track features the boss fight against the Babylon Guardian. It is only playable for Sonic the Hedgehog in Story Mode, but is available to any character for normal races.


In its natural state, this track is a dimensionless void featuring a blue roof and floor with ancient markings, and nothing but a black horizon. Here, the rules of space does not seem to apply, as visitors cannot get deeper into the room after reaching a certain point, no matter how fast they move.

During gameplay, this track changes drastically in layout. The track itself is oval-shaped. Normally, the track is a gothic underworld with a blood-red sky, but will then temporarily switch to a black-and-white techno-corridor after hitting the Babylon Guardian. During these transitions, the screen briefly shows noise static.


After opening the entrance to Babylon Garden's inner sanctum, the Babylon Rogues head in there to find the Treasure of Babylon. Soon after entering, the Babylon Guardian appears of the darkness, determined to thwart any attempt to steal the Babylonians' treasure.

As Team Sonic deals with an incensed Amy, the group hears the Babylon Guardian's roar and speed in to help out the Babylon Rogues. The heroes enter as door slams shut, where they are shocked to see the menacing Babylon Guardian. Together, the two teams defeat the Babylon Guardian, who disappears in a puff of smoke while leaving behind a treasure chest. As Sonic and Jet open the chest and see the true Treasure of Babylon, Dr. Eggman appears and threatens them with blasters to hand over the treasure. While the group oblige, what they hand him is a carpet with a note from Stolen, the thirteenth leader of the Babylon Rogues, who states that this carpet is the Babylonians' ultimate invention. Realizing that he organized the EX World Grand Prix just for a scrap of cloth, Eggman faints from shock. Heedless, the others are fascinated when Tails points out that the carpet is an early form of Extreme Gear.


This course includes two trick ramps and one shortcut for each type. Unlike the other tracks, there is no lap limit on this one; to win, the player must simply catch up to the Babylon Guardian's bottle and slam into it three times. Each hit causes the simulation to falter, and with the final strike, it vanishes permanently. After that, the player simply has to reach the finish line.

In Story Mode, there are no Rings available on this track to pick up.


  • This is the only track in Sonic Riders that contains no Rings.
    • However, if the player chooses The Crazy and Chaos Emerald, all the Item Boxes that contain Air will be replaced by Item Boxes that contain Rings.
  • The ancient symbols and markings on the roof and floor in the cutscenes leading to this track is the same as those on the Key to Babylon Garden.



Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Theme of Digital Dimension Tomonori Sawada, Kenichi Tokoi, Fumie Kumatani 4:26

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