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Baby T is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is a young Terapod, the son of Momma T, and a friend of Tails.


Baby T is a small Terapod, a quadruped dinosaur-like creature resembling a protoceratops with a long tail, a short elephant-like trunk for a nose, and a standing flap on the back of their heads. His skin is gray and he possesses both brown spots on his back and light blue eyes.


TV series

Season one

Tails and Baby T.

At some point, Baby T got separated from the rest of his herd of Terapods who were migrating to Boulder Bay. Ending up in the Great Forest, he eventually met Tails who taught him how to play dirt hockey. The two of them soon after became friends. Tails subsequently took Baby T with him to Knothole Village to prepare a meal for them. After arriving there, however, Baby T ate the ingredients Tails had prepared. This made Tails scold Baby T, who got upset and ran away. He eventually arrived in the outskirts of Knothole's orchard, where he was found by Sonic, Tails, Sally and Bunnie. Soon after, Baby T sensed his herd running past Knothole and rushed in to join them. Sonic, however, drove Baby T and his herd into a closed canyon because Sally was afraid that they were migrating in the wrong direction. As the Sonic and co. then approached the herd, Baby T assured Momma T that she could trust Sonic and his friends. Soon after, Baby T and his herd got escorted by the Knothole Freedom Fighters on their migration, their trip eventually taking them into the Great Jungle. There, Baby T stopped Tails from touching a Scorch Plant, earning him praise from Momma T. When Sonic then got caught by a jungle vine that pulled him over to a mud pool, Baby T and Tails called upon Momma T, who helped get Sonic back on firm ground. Later, Dr. Robotnik and his Stealthbots caught up to the heroes. Baby T thus took Tails on his back and started to run away with Momma T and the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Robotnik, however, managed to trap them inside a force-field and trap Momma T in a cage. Baby T ran up to Momma T, but he could do nothing but watch his mother get pulled up towards Robotnik's hovercraft. Fortunately, Sonic saved Momma T and made it possible to for them all to escape Robotnik's force-field. Later, after the heroes had lost Dr. Robotnik, Baby T and Momma T reached Boulder Bay, where they would be safe from Robotnik. Baby T then had to say goodbye to Tails. To make it easier for them, Sally put a translator on Baby T that allowed them and Tails to communicate with Baby T. Baby T offered Tails to come with him and his herd, but Tails knew his place was with the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Baby T and Tails therefore said goodbye, and it turned out that Baby T had adopted Sonic's way of speaking during their travels.[1]


As a Terapod, Baby T is remarkably intelligent for an animal. Also, like other members of his species, he speaks in a special and well-developed language that is incomprehensible to other beings without a translator.[1]

Baby T is cheerful, playful, and very open to strangers. He likes his friends very much, but he feels especially attached to his mother. Kind and pure like a child, he does not like when his friends shout at him or scold him, or when it is time for them to part.[1]

After meeting Sonic, Baby T began to mimic Sonic's way of speaking, which he sometimes adds to his statements.[1]

Powers and abilities

Baby T can run quite fast and is strong enough to carry people like Tails on his back without them slowing him down. Baby T can also use his trunk as an additional limb to grab items, or even people to distract them from danger.[1]





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