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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Baby-Sitter Jitters

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"Baby-Sitter Jitters" is the fifty-second episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the fifty-second episode, it aired as the forty-ninth episode during the show's original run.


At a dam near the town of Beaverville, Scratch and Grounder are drilling a hole into the dam and put a plasma putty explosive to blow it up. Robotnik's plan is to blow up the dam so it'll flood Beaverville and later turn it in his own golf and fishing estate. When he sees Scratch and Grounder struggling with the putty, he knows it's ready and blows it up. Water instantly floods from the dam alerting the citizens with one resident named Cleaver Beaver going into his plan to alert Sonic.

At the same time, Sonic has gotten his shoes shined by Leo the Leopard when he and Tails see Cleaver's message. The two quickly rush to town where Sonic creates a tornado to bring the flooded water back to the dam. Seeing this Robotnik gets frustrated that his plan was ruined, destroys Scratch and Grounder (after the two rebuilt themselves from the explosion) and leaves them to walk back home.

Cleaver decides to celebrate with a Chili Dog party in honor of Sonic. Before he gets the party started, he asks if they could watch his kids; Becky Bucky and Chucky as his wife's out of town. Tails says Sonic will do it since he loves hanging out with babes and before Sonic could object, Cleaver leaves to get the supplies. Tails then ask why is Sonic so reluctant to which Sonic says he likes babes as in girls and not babies. Tails remarks that he was one before and doesn't think they're much of a hassle.

Inside the house they see the three kids sleeping and decides to keep them that way but while they were leaving, Sonic steps on a teddy bear waking them up. Watching over the three kids proves to be easier said than done as they struggle with feeding the kids, keeping them in one place and prevent them from breaking stuff. At the same time, Scratch and Grounder see Sonic and Tails struggling and get an idea. Taking them out for a walk, Tails remarks that his idea may not be approved as Sonic has the kids on dog leashes. Sonic though says he has no other options just as they hear a woman crying for help to avoid getting flatten by a steam roller. As Sonic tells Tails to watch the kids, Tails distracted is unaware that the kids are getting stolen by Grounder. Sonic eventually realizes that the lady is Scratch and lets him get flatten. However as they prepare to leave, Sonic realizes that they're left with stuffed dolls and that the badniks have captured the kids in their blimp. Desperate, the two race after the blimp to save them.

Inside the blimp, the two call Robotnik who's busy taking a shower and tell them about the captured kids Sonic was looking over. Delighted, Robotnik tells the two to bring the kids to his fortress to use as bait for Sonic. However Becky, Bucky and Chucky instantly create problems with the two. They first start messing with a bomb which Scratch and Grounder tell them not to mess up. The kids end up dropping the bomb with Scratch and Grounder on it. Scratch then asks Grounder what he likes about kids. As Grounder asks why, the the bomb falls onto the ground creating a crater and Scratch wearily replies "nothing" before he and Grounder faint.

Eventually the two recover and fly back to the blimp only to find the kids messing with the controls and end up fly fast and out of control. At the same time, Robotnik emerges from the shower looking for his brush when the blimp crashes into his fortress. The three kids then enter and instantly make a mess of things. The first freeze Robotnik with his Reversible Melto and then crush him with his Platinum Pulverizer. Fed up Robotnik cages them and use them as bait.

When Sonic and Tails arrive they see the kids in a cage over a trap door. Sonic deduces that it's a trap just as Robotnik arrives and drops the cage in the trap door. The two race down to save them unaware that the cage was a hologram. Arriving at the bottom, the trap door closes on them since Robotnik knows Tails can fly and the metal is too dense for Sonic to cut through.

Back above, while wheeling the real cage Grounder asks what they should do with the kids and Robotnik replies they'll give them back to their parents for a price but not after destroying the dam and completing his golf and fishing estates. Right after they're gone, the kids bite through the cage to save Sonic by melting the metal with the Reversible Melto. Emerging, Sonic and Tails realize the three save them and thank them. Becky then tells them about Robotnik's plan and Sonic and Tails along with the three kids race to Beaverville dam to stop him.

Seeing the drill at the base of the dam, Sonic instantly spinballs into the drill creating holes. Although shocked that Sonic escaped, Robotnik activates the electric shield which shocks him. The shield has created so much static in his quills that Sonic is unable to spin into a ball again so Becky Bucky and Chucky decide to help by crawling into the drill through one of the holes Sonic made. Once inside the three cause havoc to the badniks and Robotnik; Becky wraps Scratch in bandages, Bucky shoves a cannon shell into Grounder's mouth where it explodes and Chucky hits Robotnik with golf balls.

Eventually it reaches to a point where Robotnik and the badniks emerge from the drill running from the kids with Robotnik begging Sonic and Tails to keep them away from them. After a good amount of chasing, Robotnik closes the door on the drill and speeds away noting that next to Sonic, he hates babies. Just then, Sonic and Tails see Cleaver coming with the party supplies and the two quickly bring the kids home just as Cleaver comes home. At the chili dog party, Cleaver asks how did Sonic and Tails take care of the kids as no one has managed to do it before. Sonic replies that it's probably his attraction to kids and lies about liking babysitting. Hearing this Cleaver and his wife decide to vacation before they have a nervous breakdown and let Sonic and Tails babysit their kids for the weekend much to the kids' delight. After getting splashed with milk, Sonic shrugs it off by saying there's no crying over spilled milk and laughs.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Un baby-sitting éprouvant A trying babysitting
German Aufregung in Biberstadt Agitation in Beaver Town
Italian Sonic e Scheggia apprendisti babysitter Sonic and Tails are babysitting apprentices
Spanish (Spain) Canguros sin vocación Kangaroos without a vocation
Spanish (Latin America) Niñeros al rescate Babysitters to the rescue


  • Overseas animation for this episode was done by Rainbow Animation Group.

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