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Aye aye Captain! Pirate Flag.png

Aye, aye Captain! Pirate Flag is a minigame in the Party Mode of Sonic and the Secret Rings.


Hold the Wii Remote in a horizontal position and move the Wii Remote left, right, up, or down when the Kri Ma Djinn moves the flag.


Each player holds a flag and must follow the flag movement of the Kri Ma Djinn above. Each player must then move the flag in the same way the Djinn has just done. If one wrong movement is made by a player, a nearby pirate ship will shoot a cannonball at the player, eliminating that player from the competition. The last player standing wins.


  • Move the same way Kri Ma Djinn is moving, not the opposite way, as if you are behind the Djinn.
  • Be flexible. Don't anticipate a move, as a flag movement different from what you are expecting may cause you to make a simple mistake.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Blue Shirt" Fumie Kumatani 1:19