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The Axel Tornado (アクセルトルネード Akuseru Torunēdo?), also referred to as the Accelerator Tornado, is a move used by Blaze the Cat which first appeared in Sonic Rush. It is the equivalent to Sonic the Hedgehog's Hop Jump. When using the Axel Tornado, Blaze shoots herself higher into the air.


When performing the Axel Tornado, Blaze sends herself into the air in a manner similar to an axel jump. Once in midair, Blaze unleashes a burst of fire under her feet with her pyrokinetic abilities, while twirling around horizontally, allowing her to launch herself higher into the air and reach higher altitudes at different speeds. Also, during her ascent, Blaze uses her pyrokinesis to emit fire, enabling her to deal damage to enemies and break obstacles.

Game appearances

Sonic Rush series

Sonic Rush

Blaze performing the Axel Tornado.

The Axel Tornado made its first appearance in Sonic Rush as one of Blaze's Trick Actions. It is very similar to Sonic's Hop Jump, except that the Axel Tornado can go much higher into the air than the Hop Jump can, since Blaze can put much more force into the updraft with her pyrokinesis. While performing the Axel Tornado, the player can destroy any enemies that make contact with the player during the move's ascent and when coming back towards the ground.

To perform the Axel Tornado in gameplay, the player must press both the Control Pad Up (Controlpadds.png) and RBUTTONDSSNNdisco.png at the same time when launched into the air by gimmicks such as springs, ramps or trampolines etc. When performing it, Blaze twirls around herself.

Sonic Rush Adventure

In Sonic Rush Adventure, the Axel Tornado is again one of Blaze's Trick Action. The move's mechanics, performance and controls are the same as they were in Sonic Rush although Blaze can only attack enemies while soaring upwards and is vulnerable when descending. The Axel Tornado also acts as a combo finisher for Trick Action chains.

In his game, Blaze performs the technique slightly differently compared to Sonic Rush. Instead of twirling, she raises her fist quickly similarly to the Hop Jump as she ascends.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

The Accelerator Tornado in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), the Axel Tornado is called Accelerator Tornado in the English versions. Though visually the same as in Sonic Rush, it is much slower and does not reach nearly the same heights, although the player will have more refined control over Blaze's ascent. The Accelerator Tornado can also be triggered at any time without gimmicks.

To perform the Accelerator Tornado in gameplay, the player has to press and hold XboxA.png/PSXButton.png during a jump. The longer the player holds the jump button, the higher the player will go into the air, until it reaches maximum height. The player can also stop Blaze's ascent at any given time by releasing XboxA.png/PSXButton.png, and can additionally control the direction she is ascending in with the control stick. Any enemy that is very close to Blaze when she reaches the apex of her Accelerator Tornado will take damage. Attacking foes directly while she has yet to reach the move's utmost length, however, will damage Blaze as well.


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