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Let’s move!

— Axel, SEGA Heroes

Axel is one of the four main characters of Crazy Taxi. He has made a few appearances in the Sonic the Hedgehog series' spin-offs.


Axel is a green-haired taxi driver who wears ocean-themed attire. He wears a red and white Hawaiian shirt and wears what seems to be a shark tooth around his neck. He also wears brown cargo shorts and red and white sneakers.

Game appearances

Sega Superstars

In Sega Superstars, Axel appears as one of the playable characters during the Crazy Taxi mini game. If selected, he will drive his signature taxi and pick up customers.

SEGA Heroes

In SEGA Heroes, Axel was one of the four main playable Crazy Taxi characters. He was added on 30 January 2019, and was exclusive to certain special or weekly events, or in Beyondering.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

In Sonic Colors: Ultimate, Axel makes a cameo appearance as one of the many optional profile icons available in the Customize menu.


Axel is a carefree and relaxed taxi driver with an entertaining personality. However, he is a bit crazy with a hot and quick temper. He became a cabbie after going on a crazy taxi ride when he was ten years old, and considers it the coolest profession of all.

He enjoys entertaining his customers while getting big tips in the process, and is a huge fan of cash and money. After work hours, Axel enjoys board sports, plays bass and vocals in a punk band and tries picking up women.

Due to his explosive and irrational nature, bands usually kick him out and girls dump him.


  • Axel and B.D. Joe are the two Crazy Taxi characters that make the most appearances in Sonic-related video games and media.
  • Axel was one of the five longest-running featured hero in SEGA Heroes.
    • He was featured on Beyondering's select card, headlined on SEGA Heroes website, and featured on the main menu when he was added to the game.