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Avery the Bear is a Mobian bear, and one of the members of the Sand-Blasters.


Avery is a brown bear, that has a yellow bandanna. He has a blue jacket, black gloves, and a brown belt that includes various amount of tools. He is very loyal to the Sand-Blasters leader, Jack Rabbit.


Meeting Sonic and Tails

When Sonic and Tails first arrived in Sand Blast City, the hedgehog found himself the object of hero worship. However, it turned out that the leader of the Sand Blasters, Jack Rabbit, planned to force Sonic to stay in the city as its protector against the Robian hoard beyond the city's force field dome. Not wanting to be kept against their will, Sonic and Tails were forced to make a break for it. Avery was among the group attempting to recapture (but not harm)the two. Despite this, Sonic destroyed the force field generator, and he and Tails escaped. The Sand Blasters were left to fend off the Robians themselves. (StH #62, #63)

A Chaotix Problem



He and the Sand-Blasters– Jack Rabbit, Tex the Lizard, Jolt the Roadrunner, and Shift E. Wolf–were being chased by a Dark Legion-goon controlling a tank, until "Flex" picked the Legion-minion, and threw him elsewhere. The next day, Avery was with the Sand-Blasters, confronting the Chaotix, which includes Vector, Espio, and Charmy, on their quest to find their friends Mighty and Ray. (SU #47)

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