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Aurora Icefield

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Aurora Icefield is the third arena in Sonic the Fighters.


The level is set in a frozen area. The arena is surrounded by giant ice blocks, instead of boxing ropes, cage walls, mushrooms or bars like in the other previous levels. Bark the Polar Bear is the opponent for this level, once you have defeated him, you will receive a Yellow Chaos Emerald, and you will proceed to the next round. If the player is controlling Bark, Dr. Robotnik comes to the arena in an Egg Mobile and creates a colorless clone of Bark that the player will have to defeat.

Stage layout

The level is set in an expansive, frozen plane of ice, but the fights are caged in by ice walls and an ice floor. Auroras shine brightly in the sky and chunks of ice can be seen laying around. The outer borders for this stage are sheets of ice, not ropes like in most other levels. Bark the Polarbear is the opponent for this level. Once you have defeated him, you will receive the Yellow Chaos Emerald and will proceed on to the next round.




Name Artist Length Music Track
Aurora Icefield (Black Bed) N/A 2:22
Aurora Icefield (Black Bed)


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