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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Augustus the Polar Bear is a Mobian polar bear and a member of the Arctic Freedom Fighters that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. He is considered the brute strength of the group, being so powerful that he can split glaciers in half.



Augustus' original look.

He assisted the Knothole Freedom Fighters in destroying Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Weather Annihilator and later helped Rotor in his attempt to free his family from Robotnik's mind control.

Much later, the Arctic Freedom Fighters contacted Rotor to inform him that the herd, his family included, had been freed from Robotnik's control. Rotor lived with them for months until, once again, they suddenly fell under mind control and turned on him. Rotor very narrowly escaped; he was rescued by Augustus and the others, who watched over him as he recovered. Augustus and the other Arctic Freedom Fighters were also among those present attempting to repel the Xorda Attack on Mobius.

In 3237, the Arctic Freedom Fighters sent a transmission to New Mobotropolis requesting assistance; the enslaved Walrus Herd was being used to construct and guard what seemed to be a refueling station of some kind, and a local branch of the Dark Egg Legion was overseeing the operation. Deciding they needed to protect their home, the group had devised a plan of attack. Sonic eventually arrived to provide backup; Augustus seemed pleased to see him, but was distraught by the news that Rotor had been severely injured during the Destruction of Knothole and was no longer able to take part in field missions. Nonetheless, the group soon set out to act; Augustus, along with Flip Penguin and Sealia Seal, was given the task of attacking the underwater portion of the Dark Egg Legion's base.

Upon the team's arrival near Robotnik's base, the plan was put into motion. Sonic cut a hole into the ice to allow Sealia's team access to the underwater portion of the base. Once there, the trio was set upon by orca Legionnaires; Sealia made a show of luring one away, leaving it prone to a surprise attack courtesy of Augustus, who delivered a fearsome punch to the much larger creature. Sealia soon told Augustus to head to the surface for a breath while she and Flip provided cover; however, all three found themselves the target of Grandmaster Akhlut's psychic-sonar waves. Augustus was struck by a concentrated blast that threw him straight through the upper ice. However, thanks to the efforts of Silver the Hedgehog, Akhlut was rendered disabled and disoriented, allowing Sealia and Flip to succeed in their team's goal; the destruction of the lower portion of the tower. Later, Augustus and the others celebrated with a meal in Iceborough.


  • In Sonic the Hedgehog #85, Augustus's design was different from when he was last seen: his build had changed from fat to muscular.

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