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A device with large, hi-fi speakers.

— Description, Sonic Unleashed

The Audio System is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a modern home sound system for Professor Pickle's lab in Shamar that is used for storing and playing Records.


The Audio System is a three-piece furniture. Its central piece is a brown commode in the shape of a rectangular cuboid, and has four thin legs on each corner and two doors on the front. On the top of the central piece, it has a disk and a stylus for playing gramophone records on, and attached to the rear side on the top is a square-shaped cover for the disk. On each side of the Audio System's central piece it has a brown, rectangular cuboid-shaped hi-fi speaker that is as tall as the central piece.


The Audio System holds an entry for each background music track of the Town Stages, Action Stages, Boss Stages, and musical themes heard in Sonic Unleashed. By interacting with the Audio System, the player can listen to those music tracks, closely functioning as the game's Sound Test. However, the entries in the Audio System do not hold any music until the player collects the corresponding Record in gameplay. When that happens, the Audio System automatically fills out its entry, until all entries are covered.

The player can buy the Audio System from the Golden Trading Company in Shamar for 500 Rings. After buying it, it can be found in Pickle's Room in Shamar's Town Stage where the player can interact with it.


  • The Audio System does not list the Records in the order of their numbers.

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