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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Attack on Pinball Fortress

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"Attack on Pinball Fortress" is the forty-first episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the forty-first episode, it aired as the twenty-ninth episode during the show's original run.





In a desert town, two artists are making pottery with one of them commenting that Robotnik will be defeated for good. Soon, the two are hit with a beam making them stupid. It turns out Dr. Robotnik unleashed his "Stupidity Ray" on Mobius, knowing that the newly-stupified Mobians will be too brain-dead to stop him. As Sonic and Tails rush into the two, Robotnik attempts to hit Sonic with the ray to make him stupid. Sonic however proves to be too fast and at one point ends up hitting Scratch by accident. The Badnik seems unaffected as Robotnik says it cannot make him more stupid then he already is.

Meanwhile in the town, Sergeant Doberman is trying to get a soldier do some training which the soldier does not want to do as he knows it is too hard. Just then a beam from the Stupidity Ray hits him, making him a straight obedient soldier, giving the Sergeant an idea. At the same time, Wes Weasely is trying to sell a set of blank encyclopedias to a smart guy who does not want to buy them. The moment the customer is hit by the ray however, he changes his mind and buys it also giving Wes an idea. Sonic manages to defeat Robotnik by catapulting a mule behind him, making the mule kick him across the desert with Scratch and Grounder following. With Robotnik gone, Doberman and Wes try to get the Stupidity Ray for themselves each claiming that their goal is for the better of Mobius. Eventually the two fight causing Sonic to destroy the ray by throwing a rock on top of it. Just then, Sonic gets a message from Robotnik via communicator who says that the ray may be destroyed but he still knows how to build it. He plans to build a giant Stupidity Ray inside his Pinball Fortress and mocks that even Sonic himself will be stupid.

Hearing about the giant Stupidity Ray, Doberman and Wes decide to tag along with Sonic and Tails. While Doberman says he can get into the fortress with his skills, Wes says that many of the traps in the fortress were made by the H.D.S.V.A.D.L and knows how to get past them. The two later fight over who is better much to Sonic and Tails' annoyance.

Arriving at the fortress, the gang notices that the outside is highly guarded while Tails who is scouting from above sees that Robotnik has nearly completed the ray. Seeing the gorge, Sonic has Wes and Doberman play baseball with a ball of twine and after Doberman hits the twine across the gorge, Sonic ties one end to a rock and the other to a pipe and waits for the others. Doberman then uses a movable pulley to get across and leaves Wes. However Wes, quickly grabs Doberman's legs resulting in both of their trousers falling down and another fight at the other end.

Once the three arrive at the fortress, Robotnik starts firing missiles at them. Wes relays that Robotnik's door is strong, being a product by the H.D.S.V.A.D.L that can take hours to pick. He also adds that the door has a rust problem which he shows by spraying the door with brown liquid from his thermos, making it collapse and allowing them to get in.

After bumping into all kinds of bumpers and flippers in the pinball area, the three wind up in a lava chamber where they encounter a robotic Scorpion. After Robotnik tells Scratch and Grounder to finish the ray, Doberman attempts to destroy the Scorpion with his machine gun which does not work. Sonic then attempts to do it and spins around the robot, causing the ground around it to collapse and fall into the lava, allowing the three to continue.

Robotnik orders Scratch and Grounder to point the Ray at the door and activate the ray when Robotnik says "shoot", planning to use the ray to hit Sonic. To his surprise, Sonic comes in and says he surrenders and offers Robotnik a gift. When Sonic presents the present, Wes and Doberman emerge and surprise the doctor. When Sonic sets to destroy the ray, Wes and Doberman intervene wanting to use the ray for their own purposes. When Robotnik taunts them saying that they cannot have it, the two turn their weapons on him. Robotnik then says "Oh shoot" and Scratch misinterprets it as a command and hits Robotnik with the ray.

When Scratch and Grounder ask if he is okay, Robotnik is too stupid to notice and pulls on a nearby handle which is revealed to be the destruct lever. The base explodes sending the fortress and its inhabitants into the air while Sonic, Wes and Doberman jump out of the fortress. Tails attempts to save them but as they are too heavy for him, all four of them land in a nearby oasis. The fortress, along with Scratch, Grounder and Robotnik, crash lands in the hills nearby.

With the Stupidity Ray destroyed, both Wes and Doberman realize they are better off without the ray as, in Doberman's case, smart soldiers in the military are the best ones and a world full of idiots would take the fun out of Wes' job. All of them point out they were a good team before saying "not!" as they all laugh. Meanwhile at the wreckage of the fortress, Robotnik (who is still under the effects of the Stupidity Ray) pulls the destruct lever again despite Scratch and Grounder's warnings causing them to explode again.

Sonic Sez

Dr. Robotnik has just finished working on his new Stupidity Ray gun, but when he mistakenly says "Shoot!" his dim-witted henchbots shoot the ray at him yet again. Sonic tells the kids how to not be so stupid - by staying in school.

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  • The alternate name of this episode is "Force Three from Mobius".
  • There are Super Mario sounds heard when Sonic, Doberman, and Weasely bump all around a pinball machine before being confronted by the scorpion robot.

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