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Attack Support[1] is a mechanic that appears in Sonic Battle. It is a category of skill-based abilities that the playable characters use to determine their attack power.


Attack Supports are abilities that are used to stimulate the internal attack ability of the playable characters. Essentially, they are used to strengthen a playable character's offensive techniques, thus allowing the playable character to deal more damage to opponents with their attacks in gameplay.

While all Attack Supports are the same in function, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses that are determined by two attributes: speed and power.

In gameplay, unlike most other skills, each Attack Support is a passive ability that is always active and does not need to be activated by the player.

List of Attack Supports

Name Number Icon Skill Points to enable
Attack Support 0 303 Att Support 0.png N/A
Attack Support 1 263 Attack Support 1.png 5
Attack Support 2 239 SonicBattle Sprite Card239.gif 5
Attack Support 3 255 SonicBattle Sprite Card255.gif 10
Attack Support 4 279 Attack Support 4.PNG 10
Attack Support 5 271 Attack Support 5.png 15
Attack Support 6 231 Attack Support 6.PNG 25
Attack Support 7 296 Attack Support 7.PNG 20
Attack Support 8 247 Attack Support 8.PNG 25
Attack Support 9 289 Attack Support 9.PNG 30


  1. Sonic Battle (Game Boy Advance) United States instruction booklet, pg. 19.

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