The fourth Atomic Destroyer Zone boss is the final of the four bosses fought in Atomic Destroyer Zone Act 3 and the final boss of Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble. It is fought after defeating the third Atomic Destroyer Zone boss.

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After all his creations have been destroyed, Dr. Robotnik escapes to the core chamber of Atomic Destroyer Zone, where he has one last trick up his sleeve: using the chamber to annihilate Sonic/Tails.

During the battle, Robotnik's pod will constantly shift up and down between the two ends of an electricity chamber. Energy bolts are also fired from cannons on the ceiling of the chamber, which the player must keep avoiding. The player must hit the pod from the side to inflict damage on this boss; hitting the pod from either the top or bottom will result in the player taking damage instead. Eventually the pod's shifting speed will decrease slowly, before ultimately coming to a stop on one side of the chamber. When this happens, the entire chamber will start having lightning that can damage the playable character shoot through it periodically. The only way for Sonic/Tails to dodge this assault is to hop inside whichever chute Eggman is not occupying at the time.

If the player manages to hit Robotnik eight times, they will have won this boss battle. The chamber's activity then stops and the doctor himself runs away, with Sonic or Tails hot on his trail.


After the battle, Robotnik jumps onto the closest floating platform while the player hits him one more time. This makes him drop the final, yellow Chaos Emerald he had held onto for the entirety of the game. After this, the platform falls along with Robotnik, and the playable character heads to the prison unit to free Knuckles, who has gotten himself captured after the battle against him. After destroying the prison unit, both Sonic/Tails and Knuckles settle their misunderstandings by shaking hands and then getting out of the base.

If all six Chaos Emeralds have bee collected by the player at this point, the credits will roll. If the player has missed at least one of them however, a cutscene will play instead, which shows Nack laughing at the playable character. He proceeds to trip and spill the Chaos Emeralds the player has missed. The text "Try Again" will then appear. The music for this ending is a pitched-down version of the "Try Again" theme from Sonic Chaos.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Sonic - Triple Trouble - Dr. Robotnik Yayoi F 2:21
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