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Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Astral Babylon

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Stay sharp as gravity warps this course, the true form of the divine wings, traveller of stars!

— Description, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Astral Babylon is a course which is unlocked after defeating Master Core: ABIS in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity and is the Heroes' section of Babylon Garden.


The race takes place in the inside of the spaceship form of the Babylon Garden. Odd objects appear in the sky, possibly ancient Babylonian satellites or planes. Digital logos of Babylon and lights appear near the start of the course.


Knuckles in Astral Babylon, from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

The layout is a simple rectangle with four turns. The player can pass through switches to reveal Item Boxes, Trick Zones or shortcuts (a Catapult for Air Riding, a rail for Skates and Boards with Grind, Babylon statues to smash for Bike and Wheel users and a series of springs for characters in Attack/on-foot).

Just before each sharp turn the rider may attempt to jump off the edge and use Gravity Control to access the floating wall as a Wall Route. As the player progresses through the course, the side glass walls of the course will shatter, allowing the player to use Gravity Control to cross over the gap as a shortcut. When using the Gravity Dive, large green prism-shaped crates can rise up from the ground which the player may use as Meteor Bursts.


No. Objective Character Rank requirements
Rank Requirement
1 Uncover the course's hidden switches to reach the goal in under 52 seconds! Knuckles
Normal 0:52:00-0:48:01
Super 0:48:00-0:46:01
Extreme <0:46:01
2 Reach the goal with at least 70 Rings! Tails
Normal 70-109 Rings
Super 110-149 Rings
Extreme ≥150 Rings
3 Find the hidden kickers and score at least 26 points! Amy
Normal 26-41 points
Super 42-55 points
Extreme ≥56 points
4 Destroy at least 16 Babylon Statues and reach the goal! Knuckles
Normal 16-23 statues
Super 24-29 statues
Extreme 30 statues
5 Hit with at least 4 meteor bursts before reaching the goal! Amy
Normal 4-5 points
Super 6-8 points
Extreme ≥9 points
6 Reach the goal with at least 110 gravity points left! Sonic
Normal 110-139 GP
Super 140-169 GP
Extreme 170-200 GP
7 Take on the Babylon Rogues and come in at least 3rd place! Sonic
Normal 3rd place
Super 2nd place
Extreme 1st place


  • In Time Attack mode, this is the only course that has four laps as opposed to three in the other courses.







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