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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

It wasn't us! Red Hot and I were good!

— Ashe, Sonic the Hedgehog #46

Ashe[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is an anthropomorphic bear cub and the son of the Forest Ridge Zone Campground's ranger. He also has a domesticated Red Wisp companion named Red Hot whom he is close to.[2]


A young anthropomorphic bear, Ashe has brown fur with light brown fur on his front torso, muzzle and heels, and chartreuse eyes. He also has averagely-thin arms and legs, feet with no digits, round ears on top of his head, a short tail, a tuff of hair on his forehead, sharp fangs, and a fairly wide black nose. For attire, he wears a mint vest with a lighter mint-fluffed collar, white gloves and light blue sandals.



The son of the Forest Ridge Zone Campground's ranger, Ashe would gain a Red Wisp companion named Red Hot. When coming to the Forest Ridge Zone Campground, he would travel to the ridge all the time.[1]

Trial by Fire

Coming along with his father to his workplace at the Forest Ridge Zone Campground, Ashe had Red Hot burn a map his father was just showing to some new arrivals. Although his father got angry, Ashe merely laughed and ran away.[1] During the follow night, Ashe would wander into the forest with Red Hot. While there, he saw Surge and Kit, and how Surge create a forest fire.[2][1] As the forest fire spread, a frightened Ashe would hide from the fire with Red Hot. When he was found by Tangle and Belle, Ashe panicked. Fortunately, he calmed him down when Belle distracted him with her clown nose. As Belle asked if he was here when the fire started. Ashe quickly told them who started the fire. With Belle believing him, Ashe got excited and agreed to help them back to the campsite. However, a tree would catch fire beside them and fall, and while pushing them out of the way, Tangle accidentally knocked the group over the cliffside. While Ashe clung onto Belle, Tangle lost her grip on the rock and they fell towards the river.[2]

Landing in the river, the group found a log to hang onto, with Ashe clinging to Tangle's tail. As they approached rough waters however, the situation began getting to Ashe, prompting him to cry. Fortunately, Belle calmed him down, and the group eventually made it to the campgrounds via the river, where Ashe was happily reunited with his father.[3]


Ashe is a mischievous bear cub. Evidently loving to play fire-related pranks with his like-minded Red Wisp companion, Red Hot, he will gladly start harmless fires and then gleefully run away from a scolding from his father.[1] Nonetheless, Ashe is not a bad seed and insists that he is a good person.[2] He also has a tendency to always run into the woods and speak very bluntly.[1][2]

Being a child, Ashe is prone to cry in stressful situations. However, he is able to overcome his concern with someone by his side to assure him that everything will work out.[3]


Red Hot

Ashe and his domesticated Red Wisp, Red Hot, are very close. The two of them love to play innocent pranks using Red Hot's fire-based powers and run away from being scolded, and if they are not hugging each other, then Red Hot flies only a few inches from Ashe.[1][2] Seeming aware that Red Hot might be blamed for wildfires, Ashe is quick to refute it, insisting that Red Hot is a good person.[2]



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