Ascending Flight (上昇飛行 Jōshō hikō?) is a Fly Formation maneuver used by Miles "Tails" Prower on Team Sonic, Rouge the Bat on Team Dark, Cream the Rabbit on Team Rose, and Charmy Bee on Team Chaotix in Sonic Heroes. When using this move, the Fly type member carries their teammates through the air.


When performing Ascending Flight, the Fly type member starts flying into the air (Tails uses his twin tails, Rouge and Charmy use their wings, and Cream uses her ears). At the same time, the Speed type member grabs onto the Fly type member's feet and the Power type member grabs onto the Speed type member's feet. As a result, the Fly type member flies through the air while the remainder of their team rides with them.

In gameplay, Ascending Flight allows the player to move through the air in any direction, reach otherwise unreachable elevated places, target far-away objects in mid-air, and traverse over large gaps and bottomless pits. However, the player can only reach a certain height with Ascending Flight before they stop ascending. Also, the duration of the move is determined by the Flight Gauge which depletes only when the player moves. When it empties, the playable characters will automatically drop down from where they would be in flight at this point.

To perform Ascending Flight in gameplay, the selected team must be in Fly Formation. The player then has to jump into the air and hold down PSXButton.png/XboxA.png/A Button GameCube v2.png to fly. The player can control the characters' movement with the left control stick.

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