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The Artificial Chaos P-100[1] (人工カオスP-100 Jinkō Kaosu P-100?) is a recurring enemy in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a model of synthetic life-forms created by Professor Gerald Robotnik as a part of the Artificial Chaos project, a series of experimental cyborg weapons based on the ancient deity Chaos which roam the Space Colony ARK.


The Artificial Chaos P-100s are generally floating orbs of water, with a grey/white mechanical head shaped like Chaos 0's sitting on top, making them resemble Float Types. This head has Project Shadow's symbol on its forehead, light green pupil-less eyes, turquoise outlines, and a brainstem on the bottom. The Artificial Chaos P-100s were later redesigned with red backs on the head and red eyes.

Game appearance

Sonic Adventure 2

In Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Artificial Chaos P-100s are only found in the latter half of the games' storylines, and within the last story, but are some of the strongest foes encountered. They are found in the following Stages:

Character Stage
Normal mode Hard mode
Sonic Crazy Gadget
Cannon's Core

The Artificial Chaos P-100 dividing into Cells in Sonic Adventure 2.

In gameplay, an Artificial Chaos P-100, unlike its brethren, does not attack the player directly; instead, when it spots the player, its watery body divides into a certain number of Cells which will attack the playable character, while its mechanical head is left hovering in the air, harmless. While the player can target each Cell, destroying the Artificial Chaos P-100's head will also destroy every remaining Cell at once.

The Artificial Chaos P-100s' water bodies are invincible to attack, but attacking their heads will destroy them after one hit. When destroyed, they award the player with two hundred points and drop their power source: a Chaos Drive.

Shadow the Hedgehog

In Shadow the Hedgehog, the Artificial Chaos P-100s reappeared as enemies, but are only referred to as "Artificial Chaos". In this game, their backgrounds are more elaborated upon and they play a larger role story-wise. Black Doom also implied that during the Black Arms' invasion, he and the Black Arms took (or intended to take) control of the Artificial Chaos.[2]

An Artificial Chaos P-100 in Shadow the Hedgehog.

The Artificial Chaos P-100s are encountered in the following Stages: The Doom, The ARK, Space Gadget, Lost Impact, and Cosmic Fall. Lost Impact in particular takes place during the Artificial Chaos' rampage onboard the Space Colony ARK fifty years ago, and the Hero Mission there requires the player to find and destroy thirty-five Artificial Chaos P-100s. Also, in Cosmic Fall, they will attack GUN robots.

In gameplay, the Artificial Chaos P-100s can attack by quickly reaching out with long and extremely accurate tentacles to stab the player, so while some are quite slow at turning, their attack makes up for it. A tip to avoid being hit is to be behind them. Unlike in Sonic Adventure 2, the Artificial Chaos P-100s can take damage when attacking their watery body, although it will cause several Cells to emerge upon impact, leaving its mechanical head hovering in the air, defenseless. These Cells can be destroyed individually by the player. After floating around the head for a few seconds, the Cells will then remerge with the head. Some Artificial Chaos P-100s have immensely large water bodies made of a multitude of Cells; oppositely, losing Cells will result in the Artificial Chaos P-100's body being smaller when it remerges.

Artificial Chaos P-100s possess a large amount of health, making taking them down tedious without weapons. Like in Sonic Adventure 2, destroying the Artificial Chaos P-100's head will destroy all its remaining Cells too. Due to their ability to disperse though, they are the only enemies that cannot be destroyed by the Shadow Rifle with one hit. However, they can be destroyed with one hit using cannon-type weapons such as the Grenade Launcher. When destroyed, they award the player two hundred points and fill up the Hero Gauge.

Sonic Rivals 2

The Artificial Chaos card in Sonic Rivals 2.

In Sonic Rivals 2, the Artificial Chaos P-100 appeared on one of the collectible cards (which only refers to it as "Artificial Chaos"). To collect it, the player has to unlock Sonic's Cheetah Suit.

Powers and abilities

Artificial Chaos P-100s are capable of flight and can extend tentacle-like stretches of water from their bodies (much like Chaos 0 itself), which are sharp enough to pierce their foes. They can also split their liquid bodies into dozens of small blue drones (known as Cells) that are controlled by their head. Oppositely, they can call their Cells back to restore their bodies. Their liquid body structure has likewise been known to render the majority of their bodies impervious to conventional harm in most cases.


The Artificial Chaos P-100s' only weak spot on their (normally) invulnerable bodies are their solid heads. Their body-splitting ability in particular leaves their heads open to attack. If its head gets damaged, the Artificial Chaos P-100 and its Cells will be destroyed.


  • In Shadow the Hedgehog, it is suggested that the huge size of some Artificial Chaos P-100s is due to them fusing with each other (several GUN Soldiers suggest this during the attack).
  • In the original Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2, the Artificial Chaos P-100s' liquid bodies had a transparent effect. In Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, the transparency effect was removed, making them appear to have a more "solid" appearance. The Artificial Chaos P-100s in Shadow the Hedgehog are more similar to their Dreamcast counterparts.

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