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Isabella Arthur

Arthur rescuing Isabella from Overlanders during the Great War.

Arthur Mongoose is a Mobian mongoose living on Mobius during the time of the Great War between his people and the Overlanders.


Arthur became experienced and learned of combat and took part in many battles, proving himself to be an expert swordsman, but became increasingly distant from his feelings as he killed an increasing number of Overlanders without restraint or remorse.

While Arthur was alone in the forest, he saw another mongoose, Isabella, being chased by several Overlander soldiers. Strangely drawn to her, Arthur leaped down from his tree and killed the Overlanders before they could ready their weapons.

Instead of going back to his lonely life, Arthur chose to stay with Isabella, and later down the road Arthur and Isabella fell in love with each other, and then married and in 3220, had a daughter they named Mina.

Arthur died in combat with the Overlanders, however, leaving his family behind. However, Arthur's memory remains strong, as Mina brings him up occasionally whether trying to be encouraged to do something heroic because of his heroic deeds, or simply trying to wonder how love works and thus how him and Isabella noticed each other in that special way. Isabella, on the other hand, thinks more on the lines of how he would be like if he were here to see his daughter today, and in her heart she mentally expressed how she feels he'd be proud of their daughter's achievements.

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