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You may be looking for Shield of Light or Spear of Light.

Sonic, draw the blue light into your body! The light will turn your body into an arrow of light!

Princess Elise the Third, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

The Arrow of Light (光の矢 Hikari no Ya?) is a chaos power used by Super Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) during the battle with Solaris. It is basically an augmented version of the Super Sonic Boost, where Super Sonic amplifies the move with blue light.


When performing this move, Super Sonic draws in the blue light around him into his body, possibly in order to damage Solaris' light-composed body. Once he has gathered enough energy, Super Sonic immerses himself in the gathered light, thus turning himself into "an arrow of light", and charges into Solaris' body with enough force to penetrate his light shells.

To perform the Arrow of Light in gameplay, Super Sonic's Super Gauge has to be fully charged by holding down Xbox-Button-RT.png/R1ps3.png. Once the Super Gauge is full, the player must press XboxX.png/PSSquareButton.png to activate the Arrow of Light.

Super Sonic using the weaker version of the Arrow of Light

If Super Sonic's Super Gauge is not fully charged when attempting to perform the Arrow of Light, Super Sonic will perform a weaker version of the Arrow of Light. He will still charge into Solaris, but will move at much slower speeds and will be left vulnerable to attack. However, it can still deal damage if Solaris is not using his Wings of Light. If Super Sonic's Super Gauge is partially charged when using the Arrow of Light, it will deplete the Super Gauge when used and therefore will need to be recharged.


  • The Arrow of Light takes the longest time to become fully charged out of all the moves that can be used to damage Solaris, but also causes the most damage to him.
  • The Arrow of Light is the only attack that, in its weakened state, can sometimes deal damage to Solaris.
  • The Sonic the Hedgehog: Official Game Guide called the Arrow of Light the "Super Sonic Blast."
  • This fully charged technique does not always have perfect accuracy. Sometimes, instead of hitting Solaris' core, it hits right below it. On a few occasions however, it will still deal damage, so long as Solaris is not using his "Wing of Light" to block it.

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