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Around the World in 80 Seconds is a short film released as part of Sonic the Hedgehog's physical and digital releases as a bonus feature. The events of this short take place after the events of the film.


In the span of 80 seconds, Sonic visits several tourist locations around the Earth, filling his travel diary until he returns to Green Hills.






Sonic tells the viewers that he has started a travel diary to keep track of the places he has been to ever since he made his home in Green Hills. He states that he did not have a set path, so he decided to just see it all thanks to his super speed.

The first stop, Los Angeles, reminds Sonic of home, taking note of both the palm trees and movie stars. He adds that he has heard people complain about the traffic, but he did not have a problem at all. The next stop is Arches National Park, to which Sonic praises its landscapes for its sweeping arches and beautiful colors. In the Great Ball Court of Chichén Itzá, Sonic thinks that the Mayans had a great taste in architecture. Sonic later visits New York City. He then "crosses the pond" to London. Moving past the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye, he wonders if he can get one of the fuzzy hats that the guards wear.

The next stop is Paris, France. Sonic notes that he has heard it is the "City of Love" and expresses interest in staying and visiting the Louvre Museum, but he has more places to see. While in Egypt, Sonic says that he knows there is a song about "walking like an Egyptian", but that it is too slow for him. He then heads over to India, a place known to Sonic for their amazing food and he also loves their movies. While in Japan, Sonic says that it is one of his favorites and that the scenery is pretty. In Sydney, Sonic states that it was beautiful and particularly loved the outback, noting that the koalas were so friendly. After exactly eighty seconds, Sonic arrives back at his home in Green Hills, Montana. However, he shortly after leaves the town to see the Northern Lights (in Alaska), the Sahara Desert, Yosemite National Park, and Madrid, Spain as the short ends.