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The Ark Missile Turret,[1] also called the GUN Cruiser,[2] is an enemy that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. They are turret-based enforcers from G.U.N., station onboard the Space Colony ARK to protect it against intruders.


The Ark Missile Turrets are grey turrets possessing a split dome-shaped foot with a thick, four-barreled cannon in-between them. Some of them are embedded in the ground while those that float have four collapsible fins on the bottom.


An ARK Missile Turret in The ARK.

The Ark Missile Turrets appear exclusively in the The ARK, their main purpose being to protect the Defense Units from the player. They can either be found on the platforms on the path or floating in midair along the path of the Black Volts.

In gameplay, whenever the player approach them, the Ark Missile Turrets will continuously fire shots that slightly home in on the player. They have a highly potent armor as well, as it takes about four Homing Attacks and multiple gun shots to destroy one of them, making them one of the toughest enemies in the game.

Powers and abilities

The Ark Missile Turrets are extremely durable and can fire powerful shots from their cannons. Additionally, there are units which are capable of levitation, allowing for midair defenses.


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