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Quotation1.svg I'm sorry, Sonic. I wish there were another way. Quotation2.svg
— Ari, "Game Guy"

Ari is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is an anthropomorphic ram and the leader of his own band of Freedom Fighters which originally consisted of seven members.


Ari is an anthropomorphic ram. He has light gray wool, dark gray eyebrows, dark gray hair, a small dark gray beard, and a pink nose surface. He also has pale yellow curled horns and golden eyes. For attire, Ari wears a red shirt, a black belt with a yellow buckle, and black gloves and shoes.


TV series


Ari was once the leader of a Freedom Fighter group which had seven members. However, his companions eventually got captured by Dr. Robotnik, and Ari was forced to negotiate their fate with the doctor. Making a deal with Robotnik, Ari promised to lure Sonic into a special fortress where Robotnik was setting a trap in exchange for his Freedom Fighters' freedom. To help him, Ari received a special remote for controlling the fortress' mechanisms.[1]

Season two

Ari meets Sonic, Sally and Tails.

Ari eventually flew a Hover Unit into the swamp. There, he pretended to escape from two Swat-Bots. By doing this, He managed to lure out Sonic, who lured the Swat-Bots away and into a trap set by his friends that destroyed the Swat-Bots. Later in the evening, Ari told Sonic, Sally and Tails about his group of Freedom Fighters, but lied that Robotnik kept them in his fortress. While Sonic trusted Ari's words, Sally had her doubts because she had never heard of other Freedom Fighter groups. The next day, Ari led Sonic to Robotnik's fortress. On the way there, Ari gave Sonic some special goggles to wear, which allowed Sonic to see and thus avoid the pit traps surrounding the fortress. When they finally reached the fortress, Ari secretly pressed a button on his remote that deployed a robot to attack Sonic, all in order to make it seem difficult to enter the fortress. After Sonic destroyed the robot, Ari opened the door to the fortress and closed it before Sally and Dulcy could enter to warn Sonic about Ari's deceit. Now inside the fortress, Ari led Sonic to the room where holograms of his Freedom Fighters were. Ari proceeded to trap Sonic in that room, before flying back to Robotropolis in a Hover Unit. Meeting up with Dr. Robotnik there to get his Freedom Fighters back, Ari was shown that his Freedom Fighters had already been roboticized. As Ari realized that Robotnik had used him, the doctor ordered his Swat-Bots to escort Ari to the Roboticizer. In that moment, however, Sally and Dulcy arrived. The latter then froze Robotnik and Snively while Ari defeated the Swat-Bots by ramming them with his horns. Afterward, he flew back to the vicinity of the fortress with Sally and Dulcy. There, he took Sally's magnetic field generator. Knowing that the door had a defense system, however, Ari told Sally and Dulcy to stand back while he opened the door. Ari then went inside the fortress and closed the door behind him. Inside the fortress, Ari saved Sonic from being dragged in a portal leading into the Void by using the magnet field generator to pull the metal ball containing Sonic up to him. After Sonic destroyed the pinball machine in the fortress, however, Dr. Robotnik activated the full power of the portal into the Void, creating a massive suction effect that began dragging everything into the Void. Sonic tried to save Ari, but he told him to go back to Sally and tell her about the King's list of all the Freedom Fighters groups out there. A moment later, Ari lost his grip and fell into the portal.[1]

While inside the Void, Ari met the King, as well as Naugus. Later, Ari met Sally and Bunnie in the Void after Sonic took the fake King out of the Void. He explained to them that Naugus had impersonated the King to get Sonic to help him out of the Void. He then showed Sally the real King. Some time later, Sonic returned and took Ari and everyone else out of the Void. However, Naugus and the King had to got back into the Void because they had resided in it for too long and could thus not exist outside it without turning into crystal statues. Ari thus saw the King and Naugus return to the Void with the aid of Naugus' magic.[2] Some time after, Ari met up with Sonic, Sally, Lupe, Polo and Dirk in Knothole Village and made a pack with them to stop Dr. Robotnik's Doomsday Project.[3]

Ari and Lupe flying on Dulcy's back during the attack on the Doomsday Machine.

Ari later responded to Sally's call and appeared in Knothole, along with the other Freedom Fighter groups' leaders, to discuss their plan of attack on the Doomsday Machine. As a part of their plan, Ari flew along with Lupe on Dulcy's back and dropped mannequins equipped with parachutes above the Doomsday Machine in order to create a diversion. Ari and Lupe later landed on the surface of the Doomsday Machine, but they were soon after detected by Swat-bots and arrested. When Sonic and Sally began destroying the Doomsday Machine with the power of the Deep Power Stones however, Ari, Lupe, Polo and Dirk managed to escape captivity and flee to a Hover Unit, which they flew away in. Returning to Knothole afterward, Ari celebrated the Freedom Fighters victory over Dr. Robotnik.[4]


Ari is by nature a good and kind person, as shown by the remorse he felt when he had to betray Sonic in order to save his companions. Possessing outstanding loyalty and devotion towards his comrades, he really cares about the wellbeing of his Freedom Fighters, and when he saw that Dr. Robotnik had broken his promise and roboticized his friends, he was furious. He is also an incredibly selfless person, as he willingly saved Sonic at the cost of being trapped in the Void himself.[1]

Powers and abilities

Physically, Ari is very fit, acrobatic and agile, capable of climbing and jumping between trees while avoiding laser shots, and knock down several Swat-Bots. His main strength lies in his horns, however, which he can use to perform powerful charges at enemies. He is also a capable pilot, being capable of steering a Hover Unit without problems.[1]






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