For the character in Sonic Underground, see Argus (Sonic Underground).

The Argus Event, as depicted in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

Argus (アーガス Āgasu?) is a character mentioned in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Supposedly, it is a being tied to the nature of the Twilight Cage.


Not much is known about Argus, except that it is a supposed entity who is responsible for sealing the Nocturnus Clan, the Zoah, the Kron, the N'rrgal, the Voxai and presumably many other alien races inside the Twilight Cage. Its name come from a voice that the Echidnas from the Nocturnus Clan heard in their heads after they were torn away from earth, which said something like "Argus".


  • In Greek mythology, Argus is the name of a hundred-eyed Giant in service to the Goddess Hera. One of Argus's greatest services to the Olympians was slaying the Mother of All Monsters, Echidna, while she slept.
  • After Nestor translates the Precursor Tablets you give him, Nestor will refer to the Twilight Cage as "Argus' Cage".
  • The last of the tablets that Nestor translates just says "The will of Argus, must escape Argus".
  • Nothing is known about Argus' form except it appears to have tentacles.

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