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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Argentium High Command, or simply the High Command, was the ruling body of the Bem on Argentium. It is responsible for all political decisions regarding their race and its interactions with the inhabitants of other planets. Its law court is the Tribunal Magistrate.[1] It is a republic, run by the people of Argentium.[2]


Thousands of years ago, Ceneca-9009 petitioned the High Command to allow her to make a planet-wide derobotizer to "cure" the people of Biotex. The High Command gave permission, and Ceneca-9009 developed the device and used it to make every Biotexan organic. However, this removed the Biotexans' natural immunity to the microbes of their world, and the entire populace of the planet died before the process could be reversed. As a result, the High Command outlawed derobotization.

Twelve years ago, Ceneca-9009 came across Mobius while Doctor Robotnik was in the process of taking over the planet. Ceneca-9009 rescued Amadeus Prower (who had already been robotized) along with his wife, Rosemary. Ceneca-9009 reversed Amadeus' robotization, then took both Mobians before the High Command and asked that the Bem intervene to stop Robotnik's conquest. The High Command denied the request, and imprisoned Ceneca-9009 for using the outlawed invention. Following the Xorda's declaration of war on Mobius, the High Command ruled that all Bem vessels were forbidden from traveling to Mobius, forcing Amadeus and Rosemary to stay on Argentium.

Six cycles ago, when Ceneca-9009 was released from prison, she again approached the High Command to rectify the situation on Mobius. They ordered that Ceneca-9009 return to Mobius and prove her case by conducting an experiment: selecting two robotized and two organic subjects, reversing their conditions, then pitting them against each other. The subjects selected were Sonic, Tails, Eggman and Snively, and the robotized Sonic and Tails defeated the organic Eggman and Snively.

When they reviewed the evidence, the High Command ordered Ceneca-9009 to robotize all Mobians at once. She defied the order and did the opposite, for which she was arrested and put on trial by the Tribunal Magistrate.[1]

Some time later, Argentium was devastated during the Xorda-Black Arms War.[3]

The High Command's form of government, run by the people, inspired Amadeus Prower to attempt to lead a revolt against the House of Acorn.[2] This subsequently led to the creation of the Council of Acorn.[4]


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