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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Archimedes, also known as Archy, is a fire ant master of the magician's art, and the mentor of Knuckles the Echidna that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. The latest in a long line of fire ants, he is the descendant of Christopheles, son of Semper Fidelis, grandson of Deo Volente, mentor and friend to Edmund and Steppenwolf, the original Guardians. Archimedes, like his ancestors and the Guardians, is long-lived, having served as mentor to Knuckles and his father Locke, among others. Archimedes is also one of the few residents of Mobius proper in constant communication with the Brotherhood of Guardians.


He has dark red skin, blue eyes and wears bone necklace, cowboy hat, brown vest and brown boots. He dislikes being eaten and is able to breathe fire through his mouth and disappear and reappear via teleportation.


Archimedes first appeared when Knuckles and the Chaotix were investigating the Grand Conservatory. Testing their skills, Archimedes proved quite an aggravation-as well as an asset-with his fire-breathing, teleportation, and survival skills. Cast out into the desert of Sandopolis, he teamed with Knuckles to get back to the Conservatory and beat Enerjak. Ever since then, he has been a friend and mentor to Knuckles and the Chaotix. His focus has traditionally been on Knuckles, particularly in helping him come to terms with how he feels about his role as a Guardian. Unfortunately, Archimedes also seems to have no problem letting Knuckles suffer in order to achieve what he feels should be achieved. An example of this is when he didn't tell Knuckles that exposure to the Master Emerald, though it would restore his Chaos powers, would also cause him intense agony and weakness until this came about. Afterwards, Archy remained on Angel Island while Knuckles returned to the surface, helping out the Angel Island resistance as best he could. He later sensed Knuckles' return to the island, and was the only party of good witness to the horrifying chain of events as his student was captured, led to Dr. Finitevus, stirred to anger and tricked into absorbing the energy of the Master Emerald, finally becoming the reincarnation of Archy's worst nightmare: Enerjak. Combined with the apparent demise of Knuckles' grandfather Sabre and Locke going rogue to find his missing family, Knuckles' corruption left Archy despairing that perhaps it was his influence that had led to the corruption and seeming downfall of the Guardian line.

Regardless, he joined Sonic, Julie-Su, and Locke in fighting the Destructix in order to reach a weapon intended to destroy Enerjak, but like Sonic and Julie had no intention of allowing Locke to use it on Knuckles. Archy made Locke realize that the Brotherhood was as much to blame for Enerjak's rebirth as Finitevus was, having intended for Knuckles to become as powerful as Enerjak if not more so through their experimentation. He and Julie then confronted Finitevus while Super Sonic fought Enerjak, and Archimedes was ready to give his life to undo the doctor's spell on the Master Emerald and so free Knuckles. Locke took the role instead, and Archy used his teleportation abilities to take Dr. Finitevus away long enough for Locke to do what he needed to.


Archimedes is known for being rather opinionated, and doesn't like to waste time by being round about. He does his best to encourage his students, past and present, and isn't shy about telling them what they're doing wrong. Despite this, he cares deeply for them, particularly Knuckles, whom he often felt guilty towards for not revealing the secret of his father's continued existence. Concerned with the greater good, Archy is not above leaving his students to suffer through whatever lessons they have to learn themselves, and can be extremely blunt in his methods. No matter what the situation, though, he always stands by his friends. He has also shown sorrow in the knowledge that every Guardian he has tutored has come to face horrible trouble in recent years.

Powers and abilities

Like all Fire Ants—at least of the line of Christopheles—Archy can breathe fire and teleport, as well as communicating with others telepathically. He can also transport others, though he must be in physical contact for this to work. A master of sleight-of-hand and various magic tricks, he often emphasizes his appearances and disappearances with puffs of smoke. He is well versed in the lore of the Guardians, teaching Knuckles and others the martial and spiritual skills needed to utilize their abilities to their fullest. He also can possibly heat up his body, as shown when Knuckles tried to eat him. Knuckles spit him out, due to Archimedes being to hot for Knuckles to eat.


  • Archimedes's name is the same as the Greek philosopher who discovered the principles of water displacement while taking a bath (and subsequently ran naked through the streets shouting "Eureka!") His nickname may be a reference to Archie Comics.
  • Despite the fact that Archimedes became Knuckles' mentor, ironically in real life his species (ants) are preyed by the echidnas. This even is referenced in the comics in a humorous way.

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